Nellie Russell: Memories of a Neighbor Child

I received the following account of growing up in Nellie's neighborhood on May 11, 2002:

Dear Diana         

I was interested in your notes on Nellie Russell because it brought back distant memories of "Aunt" Nellie. She spent many summers at 153 Penataquit Avenue in Bay Shore, a bungalow diagonally across the street from my parents' house.  My recall of her goes back to the mid to late 1940's when I was very young. 

I was born in 1938. I remember her reading us stories and my brother William, two years older than I am, remembers her telling us about riding in a covered wagon. William has more vivid memories of "Aunt" Nellie. He told me that she liked to wear wide brimmed hats and go for long walks (I don't remember her ever having an automobile). He remembers one such walk in particular. He, "Aunt" Nellie, and Barbara Haas loaded a wagon full of ice and hauled it up to a cabin she owned in "Irishtown."  They used it to pack her icebox.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Barbara and Wayne Haas ( think the spelling of the surname is correct) used to come and stay quite often. I think they were "Aunt" Nellie's niece and nephew.  I remember them as being nice kids.   

William also remembers "Aunt" Nellie having a very loud organ and playing and singing a song called "Hot Cross Buns". It must have been a song the children enjoyed.

The character of the old neighborhood has changed so much since the 1940's. I remember "Aunt" Nellie having woods behind her back yard and to the south.  Less than a half mile to the north was the beginning of mostly pine barrens that were sparsely populated. That's all gone now but "Aunt" Nellie's house is still there.   David S. Loudon

David also provided us with this picture of "Aunt" Nellie's home 
at 153 Penataquit Avenue in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York,
taken in May 2002.  I appreciate these contributions very much. 

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