West Holland was born 7 June 1820, in North Carolina.  He married Sallie Grice, daughter of Crawford Grice and Edna Dow.  They had thirteen children, all born on the Holland Plantation some 10 miles from Goldsboro, North Carolina.  In 1869, the entire family of two parents, thirteen children, and one additional adult, left North Carolina by train, and moved to Kansas.    

        Railroad fare was $606.00 for this group of sixteen people.  They settled near Hackney in Cowley County, Kansas, in 1871. West Holland gave a plot of ground for a cemetery near Hackney on the condition that there was to be no charge for burial plots in the cemetery.  He also gave land for United Brethren Church, near Hackney.

In 1875 West Holland gave land for the fourth school built in Cowley County, Kansas.  District school #10 was named Holland School after the donor.  About that same year, the outlaw Jessie James and his gang stopped at Holland School for water on their way to Arkansas City, Kansas, to rob the bank.  Two of West Holland's children, Jessie and Edith, were students there at the time.84 The first school board members, in 1882, were Alexander Wayne Holland, W. L. Whitson, William Bailey, and Frank Chapin.  

    The following story about West's family was recorded in the Hackney Community Baptist Church Biographical Record for the year 1901 .  "The early days in Kansas were attended with rough experiences and much trepidation on account of the Indians.  Upon one occasion a neighbor, Mr. Holland, became frightened at the noise made by a part of Indians who were passing his house in the night, and took his wife and 12 children to shelter in some bushes not far away.  The night being somewhat cool, the anxious mother feared for the comfort of her youngest child, a babe in arms, and requested her husband return to the house for a quilt.  Upon seeing him run back with the quilt over his shoulders, Mrs. Holland became frightened and screamed herself almost into hysteria.  That night they drove to Winfield for safety.  This incident, laughable now, was serious enough at that

        West Holland died on 19 September 1903 in Chandler, Oklahoma.  He was buried with his wife Sallie at Hackney, Kansas.  Miss Nellie Russell states that "his funeral was preached at Union Grove Church at Pinkney, North Carolina.

This information is from Biography of Early Oklahoma and the Hackney Community Baptist Church Biographical Record compiled by Doris J. Priest, 1985.  

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