Family founders

Elisha Holland, son Jimmie and Ruth Holland, born 3 November 1764; died 1833 in Wayne County
John Watkins, father of Elisha Holland's first wife, Patience Watkins mentions her in his 1796 will
Patience (Pasha) Peacock, 2nd wife of Elisha Holland (son of Jimmie Holland)

Eli's branch

Eli Holland, 2nd child of Elisha and Patience Holland, born 1792 in North Carolina

Woodard's branch

Woodard D. Holland, 3rd child of Elisha and Patience Holland, born 6 November 1794

Absalom's branch

Nancy Peacock [Pate], mother-in-law of Burdin Holland by his 2nd wife Missouri Pate.
William T. Jones, 2nd husband of Mary Susan Bass who was Burdin Holland's 3rd wife

Elisha's branch

Elisha Holland II, son Elisha Holland and Patience Watkins, born 1805

Exum's branch

Joseph Ballenberger (Joseph B. Berger), father of Sarah Jane Berger (Calvin C. Holland's wife
Nathan Ballenberger (Nathan B. Berger), brother of Sarah Jane Berger, December 1934, and probated in 1936
Louis Lea Holland son of David Holland, Exum's branch and Iris Boyette Bellamy, his wife

Green's branch

Diana Holland, daughter of Green H. Holland and Elizabeth Barnes, born 29 March 1866

Needham's branch

Needham Holland, 17th and last child of Elisha, born 1828 in North Carolina; died in 1902

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