The questions the witness, Martha J. Holland is answering on this page are the following:

  1. Was the property charged in this claim taken by troops encamped in the vicinity, or were they on the march, or were they on a raid or expedition, or had there been any recent battle or skirmish?

  2. You will please listen attentively while the list of items, but not the quantities, is read to you, and as each kind of property is called off, say whether you saw any such property taken.

  3. Begin now with the first item of property you have just said you saw taken, and give the following information about it.  1st. Describe its exact condition, as for instance, if corn, whether green or ripe, standing or harvested, in shuck, or husked, or shelled; if lumber, whether new or old, in buildings or piled; if grain, whether growing or cut, etc., etc.  2nd.  State where it was.  3d.  What was the quantity; explain fully how you know the quantity, and if estimated, describe your method of making the estimate.  4th.  Describe the quality to your best judgment.  5th.  State as nearly as you can the market value of such property at the time in United States money.  6th.  Say when the property was taken.  7th.  Give the name of the detachment, regiment, brigade, division, corps, or army, taking the property, and the names of any officers belonging to the command.  8th.  Describe the precise manner in which the property was taken into possession by the troops, and the manner in which it was removed.  9th.  State as closely as you can how many men, animals, wagons, or other means of transport, were engaged in the removal, how long they were occupied, and to what place they removed the property.  10th.  State if any officers were present, how you knew them to be officers; what they said or did in relation to the property, and give the names of any, if you can.  11th.  Give any reasons that you may have for believing that the taking of the property was authorized by the proper officers or that it was for the necessary use of the army. 


The information was obtained from the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D. C.


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