The questions the claimant Exum Holland is answering on this page are the following:

  1. What is your name, your age, your residence and how long has it been such, and your occupation?

  2. If you are not the claimant, in what manner, if any, are you related to the claimant or interested in the success of the claim?

  3. When were you born?  If not born in the United States, when and where were you naturalized?  Produce your naturalization papers if you can.

  4. Where were you residing and what was your business for six months before the outbreak of the rebellion, and where did you reside and what was your business from the beginning to the end of the war?  And if you changed your residence or business, state how many times, and why such changes were made.

  5. On which side were your sympathies during the war, and were they on the same side from beginning to end?

  6. Did you ever do anything or say anything against the Union cause; and if so, what did you do or say, and why

  7. Were you at all times during the war willing and ready to do whatever you could in aid of the Union cause?

  8. Did you ever do anything for the Union cause, or its advocates or defenders?  If so, state what you did, giving times, places, names of persons aided, and particulars.  Were the persons aided your relations?

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The information was obtained from the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D. C.

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