ENOS HOLLAND served in the Army of the United States in the the war against Great Britain.  He was drafted at Waynesboro in Wayne County, North Carolina, on 18 June 1812 and served from September 1812 for a term of six months.  He served as a private in the Militia of North Carolina in Capt. Byrd's 6th Company, 2nd Regiment commanded, by Col. Brewton.  He detached in February 1813. 

He enlisted again as a substitute for Jacob Peacock in Johnston County, North Carolina, in October 1814, for a term of six months.  Records show he served from 17 December 1814 to 5 February 1815. He served in the Company commanded by Henry Bryant in the 1st Regiment of North Carolina Militia commanded by Lt. Col. McDonald.  He was honorably discharged at Camp Portsmouth, Virginia, on 6 February 1815.

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War of 1812 Declaration of Soldier for Pension
War of 1812 Claim of Widow for Service Pension
War of 1812 Declaration of Soldier for the purpose of claiming Bounty Lands
Treasury Department Auditor's records 
Treasury Department Auditor's records inside
Transcriptions of the above image files

The information was obtained from General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D. C. Digital images enhanced by Diana Holland Faust to which copyright applies. 



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