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This is a partial list only of wills and estate records on file at the N.C. Archives for Johnston County.  I selected surnames that are connected to the Holland family of Wayne and Johnston Counties as an aid in your research.  The names listed here are not necessarily in the Jimmie Holland family.  
NC Archives C.R. 050.801.1-11 1760-1922 
Index of Johnston County original wills on file at North Carolina Archives

Adams, A.J.-1904 
Adams, Alvin G.-1889 
Adams, Harvey-1823 
Adams, Howell-1800 
Adams, Jesse-1852 
Adams, Julia-1893 
Adams, Reddic-1878 
Adams, Sidney-1890 
Adams, Vine H.-1882
Allen, Absabeth-1857 
Allen, Thomas-1873 
Altman, Elizabeth M.-1893 
Altman, Nancy-1828 
Altman, Nathan-1843
Anderson, C.H.-1902 
Atkinson, Alsey-1838 
Atkinson, Britton-1880 
Atkinson, Cary-1843 
Atkinson, Ephraim-1791 
Atkinson, John-1847 
Atkinson, J. Hardy-1908 
Atkinson, Phereba-1862 
Atkinson, Thomas-1836
Aycock, Martha Ann-1902 
Aycock, Mary-1879 

Bailey, Arnold-no date 
Bailey, David-1853 
Bailey, Hardy-1844 
Bailey, Hasey-1816 
Bailey, Henry-1789 
Bailey, Isom-1816 
Bailey, Jesse-1839 
Bailey, John-1831 
Bailey, Leva-1802 
Bailey, Pennina-1861 
Bailey, Ruffin-1864 
Bailey, William-1796 
Baker, Elijah-1847 
Baker, Haywood-1882 
Baker, R.H.-1895 
Ballance, Teagle-1871 
Ballance, William-1834
Barber, A.P.-1886 
Barber, B.T.-1891 
Barber, Burrell-1851 
Barber, Cassanda-1886 
Barber, Elizabeth-1868 
Barber, George-1837 
Barber, Gideon-1866 
Barber, John W.-1901 
Barber, N.B.-1874 
Barber, Penelope-1885 
Barber, Simeon-1890 
Barber, S.M.-1922 
Barber, Wesley-1846 
Barber, W.J.-1870 
Barefoot, John, Sr.-1875 
Barefoot, Miles-1861 
Barefoot, Noah-1833 
Barefoot, Willey-1888 
Barfield, Allen F.-1871 
Barefield, Blake-1885 
Barfield, Sarah-1866 
Barnes, D.L.-1903 
Barnes, Elias-1868 
Barnes, Elizabeth-1849 
Barnes, Henry-1827 
Barnes, Henry L.-1885 
Barnes, James R.-1888 
Barnes, John J.-1886 
Barnes, John J.-1895 
Barnes, Martha Eveline-1904 
Barnes, Mollie C.-1911 
Barnes, Nannie E.-1923
Bass, Stephen-1874 
Bass, Willilam A.-1890
Batton, David-1885 
Batton, Hardy-1815 
Batton, James H.-1874
Beasley, K.M.C.-1879
Beddingfield, John-1858
Bell, Etheldred-1861 
Bell, Mary-1827
Boyett, Joseph-1841 
Boyette, George-1852
Boykin, Husted-1900 
Boykin, Solomon-1790
Britt, Jesse-1805 
Britt, Wilmoth-1894 
Brown, Jesse-1806 
Brown, Jesse-1883 
Brown, John-1846 
Brown, Marcie-1890 
Brown, Martha-1827 
Brown, Senie-1889 
Brown, Simon-1903 
Brown, William, Sr.-1807
Bryant, Robert-1761 
Bryant, William-1789
Byrd, Lemuel S.-1896 
Byrd, Richard-1818 
Byrd, Sutton, Sr.-1851

Capps, Matthew-1850 
Carr, Samuel-1822
Carter, John-1854 
Carter, Matthew-1793
Coats, Alvin-1883 
Coats, Josiah-1872 
Coats, William, Sr.-1856 
Cockrell, Samuel-1811 
Cockrell, Stephen-1815 
Collier, M.G.-1891
Cook, Nancy-1892
Cox, William-1886
Creech, Barney-1895 
Creech, Bennett-1871 
Creech, Elizabeth-1890 
Creech, Ezekiel-1862 
Creech, Fannie A.-1882 
Creech, James-1901 
Creech, Jesse-1896 
Creech, Joshua-1866 
Creech, Joshua-1841 
Creech, Joshua, Sr.-1835 
Creech, Levi P.-1896 
Creech, Margaret-1849 
Creech, Nasro-1877 
Creech, Stanford-1892 
Creech, William H.-1893
Crumpler, Edmon-1814 

Daughtery, Jacob-1826 
Daughtery, John-1761 
Daughtry, Jacob-1876 
Davis, Arther-1794 
Davis, James-1800 
Davis, John-1779 
Davis, John-1878
Dean, William-1761
Deloach, Samuel-1805
Dixion, A.M.-1903 
Dixon, J.E.-1916 
Dixon, John-1851 
Dixon, Lemuel-1878
Dudley, John-1762 
Duncan, Alexander-1869 
Duncan, Annie B.-1881 
Dunn, Mary Jane-1904 
Dupree, P.H.C.-1901 
Durham, Harry-1893 
Durham, James-1769 
Durham, Lou Della-1886 
Durham, Nancy-1892 
Durham, William-1879 
Durham, William-1803 

Earp, Alsey-1846 
Earp, Edward-1825 
Earp, Littleberry-1876 
Earp, Patience A.-1888 
Earp, Shearod-1818 
Earp, Welthay-1860 
Earp, William-1863 
Earp, Wyatt-1893
Earp, Wyatt-1893 
Eason, Elizabeth-1890 
Eason, Betsey-1892 
Eason, Francis-1846 
Eason, John-1816 
Eason, Sally-1839 
Eason, Sanders-1821 
Eason, Sarah-1795 
Eatman, Thomas-1844
Edgerton, E.G.-1902 
Edgerton, Rosa Lee-1894 
Edwards, Jacob-1885 
Edwards, Micajah, Sr.-1816 
Edwards, Raiford-1894 
Edwards, Richard-1762 
Edwards, Sarah-1894 
Edwards, William-1787
Ellis, Altony A.-1881 
Ellis, John-1841 
Ellis, Lecy-1875
Evans, Joshua-1805 

Fail, Needham-1845
Faulk, James-1882
Ferrell, Lucy-1872 
Fields, Zilpha-1902
Flowers, Pherebe-1868 
Flowers, Jacob-1856 
Folsom, Edith-1793

Gardner, Daniel-1869 
Gardner, Martha-1896 
Gardner, Moses-1839 
Garner, Catharine-1893 
Garner, Eli-1876 
Garner, Elizabeth-1845 
Garner, Elizabeth-1885 
Garner, Henderson-1893 
Garner, Joel-1866 
Garner, Joseph-1772 
Garner, Mabra-1896 
Garner, Mary-1824 
Gay, Josiah-1878 
Gay, Willis-1825
Gerald, Isaac-1816 
Gerald, John-1811 
Gerald, John-1832
Godwin, Benjamin-1873 
Godwin, Edmund, Sr.-1797 
Godwin, Elizabeth-1895 
Godwin, James-1855 
Godwin, Peter-1891 
Godwin, Polly-1884 
Godwin, Samuel-1807 
Godwin, Tobias-1847 
Godwin, Thomas-1807
Gray, Alexander-1783 
Green, E.H.-1887 
Green, John-1810 
Green, Nina W.-1902 
Green, Susan-1892
Grice, Lewis-1809
Gurley, Arthur-1761 
Gurley, Edwards-1795 
Gurley, Frances E.-1902 
Gurley, John G.-1899 
Gurley, John-1760 
Gurley, John-1794 
Gurley, Mary-1792 
Gurley, Nathan-1777 

Hales, Gilford-1887 
Hales, H.H.-1891 
Hales, Ivy-1858 
Hardy, John-1851 
Hare, John-1856 
Harper, Banister-1860 
Harper, Bartley-1885 
Harper, John-1834 
Harper, John-1860 
Harper, Reddick-1863 
Harrell, Sarah-1807 
Harris, C.H. (Dr.)-1872 
Harrison, John-1821 
Harrison, J.A.-1867 
Hartsfield, Andrew-1761 
Hatcher, Austin-1863 
Hatcher, Benjamin-1863 
Hatcher, Benjamin H.-1902 
Hatcher, Clara-1905 
Hatcher, James-1890 
Hatcher, John-1857 
Hatcher, John T.-1881 
Hatcher, William-1784 
Hatcher, William-1820 
Hatcher, William-1863 
Hearn, Mason-1810 
Hilliard, William-1899 
Hinnant, Ann-1847 
Hinnant, Esther-1892 
Hinnant, Hilary-1900 
Hinnant, Jacob-1890 
Hinnant, James-1831 
Hinnant, Jonathan-no date 
Hinnant, John-1768 
Hinnant, John-1829 
Hinnant, Josiah-1879 
Hinnant, Josiah-1857 
Hinnant, Josiah-1896 
Hinnant, Martha-1840 
Hinnant, N.B.-1913 
Hinnant, Patience-1820 
Hinnant, Pollie A.-1898 
Hinnant, Sarah-1837 
Hinnant, William-1801 
Hinnant, William-1804 
Hinnant, William, Jr.-1818 
Hinnant, William, Sr.-1818 
Hinnant, William, Sr.-1858 
Hinton, Ester-1854 
Hinton, Hardy-1760 
Hinton, Isaac-1795 
Hinton, John, Sr.-1823 
Hinton, Jonas-1770 
Hinton, Malache-1808 
Hinton, Solomon-1778 
Hinton, William-1761 
Hinton, Willliam-1833 
Hix, Betsey-1887 
Hocut, Benjamin-1858 
Hocut, Cynthia A.-1892 
Hocut, Eliza-1866 
Hocut, William-1795 
Hodges, John W.-1873 
Hodges, Daniel James-1892 
Holland, Gray J.-1863 
Holland, Mary-1889 
Holland, William-1856 
Holland, William R.-1899 
Holmes, Esther-1878 
Holmes, Hiram-1872 
Hood, Samuel H.-1894 
Howell, Elisha-1793 
Howell, Sarah Matilda-1889 
Hudson, James-1882 
Hudson, William-1865 

Jackson, James-1831 
Jackson, Lewis -1824 
Jenkins, Isaac-1862 
Jernigan, Ann-1793 
Jernigan, Henry-1781 
Jernigan, Jasper-1787 
Jernigan, Jerusha-1868 
Jernigan, Joseph J.-1868 
Jernigan, William-1782 
Jernigan, William-1784 
Johnson (no first name)-1769 (wife Phereby) 
Johnson, Abel-1820 
Johnson, Allen-1871 
Johnson, Allen D.-1855 
Johnson, Amos-1824 
Johnson, Amos-1873 
Johnson, Ary-1896 
Johnson, B.F.-1880 
Johnson, Elizabeth-1790 
Johnson, Emma-1895 
Johnson, Esther-1823 
Johnson, Gilley-1894 
Johnson, Harry-1900 
Johnson, Henry-1807 
Johnson, Isaac-1823 
Johnson, James, Sr.-1839 
Johnson, James H.-1890 
Johnson, John-1780 
Johnson, Josiah-1852 
Johnson, Littleton-1821 
Johnson, Lucy-1862 
Johnson, Lucy C.-1893 
Johnson, Moses-1804 
Johnson, Nancy-1885 
Johnson, Polly 
Johnson, Sill-1763 
Johnson, Sill-1832 
Johnson, Solloman-1812 
Johnson, Starling-1891 
Johnson, Thenny-1824 
Johnson, Thomas-1781 
Johnson, Thomas-1829 
Johnson, Travis-1790 
Johnson, William-1864 
Johnson, Willie-1855 
Jones, Annie E.-1894 
Jones, Barsheba-1772 
Jones, Burrell-1804 
Jones, Burrell-1820 
Jones, Delia-1889 
Jones, E.H.-1896 
Jones, Elizabeth-1848 
Jones, Isaac W.-1895 
Jones, Isaac, Sr.-1817 
Jones, James A.-1882 
Jones, John-1850 
Jones, Joshua-1869 
Jones, Nathaniel-1829 
Jones, Philip-1761 
Jones, Ridley P.-1900 
Jones, Samuel-1885 
Jones, Simon-1878 
Jones, Wilie-1869 
Jones, William-1844 
Jones, Willis-1818 
Jordan, Henry-1820 
Jordan, Matthew-1849 
Jordan, Nicholas-1841 
Joyner, Elizabeth-1892 
Joyner, John J.-1865 
Joyner, John-1849 
Joyner, W.R.-1901 

Keen, George Willis-1895 
Keen, Gideon-1896 
Keen, Isaac-1815 
Keen, Sasser-1822 
Kelley, Griggery-1762 
Kelly, Charles-1804 
Kelly, James-1822 
Kelly, John-1791 
Kelly, Sarah-1896 

Lane, Henry-1861 
Lane, Narcissa-1881 
Lane, Rebecca-1900
Langley, Arthur-1898 
Langley, Francis-1867 
Langley, Isaac-1879 
Langley, James-1823 
Langston, Furney-1867 
Langston, Isaac-1852 
Langston, Joseph, Sr.-1810 
Langston, Joseph, Jr.-1812 
Langston, J.T.-1899 
Langston, P.B.-1900 
Langston, Westbrook-1858
Lassiter, Calvin-1880 
Lassiter, Elijah-1848
Lee, Charles W.-1862 
Lee, David-1833 
Lee, Edward-1775 
Lee, Edward-1821 
Lee, Elizabeth-1892 
Lee, Ersula-1920 
Lee, Hugh-1844 
Lee, James M., Sr.-1878 
Lee, Jeremiah-1898 
Lee, Jeremiah-1824 
Lee, John, Sr.-1768 
Lee, John-1793 
Lee, John-1836 
Lee, Kitsey-1899 
Lee, Leanna-1868 
Lee, Lewis-1827 
Lee, Martha-1816 
Lee, Monroe-1900 
Lee, Ransom-1883 
Lee, Robert-1788 
Lee, Rufus-1863 
Lee, Samuel-1831 
Lee, Stephen-1840 
Lee, Walter A.-1900 
Lee, William R.-1848

McGee, Richard J.-1894
McLam, Phebe-1857
Massey, John-1895 
Massey, John D.-1904 
Massey, Patrick T.-1900 
Massey, Peleg-1869 
Massey, Ralph-1836 
Massey, William, Sr.-1845 
Massey, William-1880 
Massey, William-1891
Medlin, Elizabeth-1894 
Medlin, John-1899
Miller, Alexander-1873 
Miller, Sarah-1883 
Mitchell, George-1838
Moore, Benja-1881 
Moore, Elisha-1781 
Moore, John-1777 
Morgan, A.S.-1891
Morris, Steven W.-1919 
Mozingo, Lelia-1842
Murphey, M.M.-1866

Newsome, John-1790

Olive, Sarah-1888 
Oliver, Asa-1852 
Oliver, Henry-1819 
Oliver, John-1803 
Oliver, John-1792 
Oliver, Phillip H.-1872 
Oliver, Thomas-1799 
Oliver, William-1777

Pace, John-1875 
Parker, Mathew-1850 
Parker, Needham-1847 
Parker, Patience-1829 
Parker, Powell-1863
Pate, Travis, Jr.-1808 
Peacock, George N.-1910 
Peacock, Lawrence-1855 
Peacock, Noah-1824 
Peacock, Samuel-1793 
Peacock, William-1862 
Pearce, Amelia-1847 
Pearce, Arthur-1792 
Pearce, Arthur-1887 
Pearce, Clarkey-1853 
Pearce, Dixon-1894 
Pearce, Everitt-1807 
Pearce, Jesse-1807 
Pearce, Mary-1816 
Pearce, Richard-1790 
Pearce, Sarah-1796 
Pearce, Simon, Jr.-1826 
Pearce, Simon-1827
Peele, Jesse-1818
Perry, Dempsey-1813 
Perry, Elizabeth-1815 
Perry, Elizabeth-1824 
Perry, Howard L.-1855 
Perry, Reuben-1813 
Perry, Winnifred-1821 
Peterson, Catherine A.-1897 
Phillips, Dickins-1864 
Phillips, John-1839
Pittman, Elisha-1862 
Pittman, Polly Jane-1881
Powell, Ashley G.-1889 
Powell, Eliakin-1887 
Powell, Jesse-1777 
Powell, Kedar-1786 
Powell, Stephen-1780 
Powers, Edward-1761 
Price, Delilah-1866 
Price, Edward-1835 
Price, Edward-1789 
Price, Etheldred-1810 
Price, Thomas-1781 
Price, Willie-1864 
Price, Zachariah-1838

Radford, Bettie E.-1897 
Raiford, Philip, Sr.-1808 
Raiford, Phillip-1840 
Raiford, Sarah-1821
Richardson, Adam-1900 
Richardson, John-1802 
Richardson, Jonathan-1854 
Richardson, Joseph-1838 
Richardson, Martha E.-1901 
Richardson, Nancy-1815 
Richardson, William-1814 
Robertson, John-1761 
Rogers, Daniel-1807 
Rose, Benjamin, Sr.-1836 
Rose, B.F.-1882 
Rose, Joseph G.-1887 
Rose, Nicholas-1836

Sasser, Arthur-1815 
Sauls, Phereby-1821 
Sauls, Edith-1816 
Scott, Gran A.-1822
Simmons, John-1770 
Sims, Sarah-1771 
Smith, Ann-1797 
Smith, Benjamin-1832 
Smith, Benjamin H.-1845 
Smith, Britian-1793 
Smith, David-1806 
Smith, Edmond-1760 
Smith, Etheldred-1807 
Smith, Jesse A.-1884 
Smith, John-1813 
Smith, John-1829 
Smith, Nathan-1809 
Smith, Lucinda-1859 
Smith, Martha-1849 
Smith, Mary-1890 
Smith, Nancy-1848 
Smith, S.A.-1867 
Smith, Samuel-1795 
Smith, Samuel-1779 
Smith, Samuel-1809 
Smith, William-1851 
Smith, Zilpah-1813 
Spell, Reddick-1855 
Spence, L.D.-1865 
Spencer, John-1829 
Spivey, Aaron-1803
Spivey, Scharberrosh-1864
Stancil, Godfrey-1855 
Stancil, John-1795 
Stancil, Jonathan-1847 
Stancil, Joseph-1889 
Stancil, Rhoda-1901 
Stancil, Willie P.-1878 
Stanly, John W.-1862 
Starling, Adam-1805 
Starling, Hilbard-1817 
Starling, Jesse-1832 
Starling, William-1827 
Starling, William-1866
Stephenson, George-1886 
Stephenson, John-1829 
Stephenson, Quinton-1869 
Stephenson, Solomon-1861 
Stevens, Alsey-1838 
Stevens, Benjamin-1839 
Stevens, Bryant-1895 
Stevens, Elizabeth-1855 
Stevens, E.P.-1878 
Stevens, Irby-1867 
Stevens, Jacob-1830 
Stevens, John-1777 
Stevens, Needham B.-1898 
Stevens, Rebeckah-1793 
Stevens, Sally K.-1899
Strickland, Benjamin-1821 
Strickland, Davis-1806 
Strickland, H.R.-1896 
Strickland, John-1886 
Strickland, Samuel-1784 
Strickland, Samuel B.-1859 
Strickland, Uriah-1812

Talton, Asa-1871 
Talton, Hardy-1822 
Talton, Lewis-1880 
Talton, Needham-1814 
Talton, William-1791 
Talton, William-1841 
Tart, Nathan-1882 
Tart, William-1885 
Tart, W.R.-1886 
Tarver, Frederic-1772 
Taylor, Elizabeth-1885
Thomas, Elisha-1803 
Thomas, Ellecksonder-1814 
Thomas, John-1818 
Thomas, Joseph-1764 
Thomas, Mary-1779 
Thompson, John R.-1902 
Thompson, Lewis-1882 
Thompson, William, Sr.-1769 
Thornton, Eldridge-1849 
Thornton, Y.N.-1876
Toler, Mary A.-1865
Tucker, William-1799
Turner, Davis-1822 
Turner, John-1864

Waddell, Edward-1812 
Waddell, Everett-1866 
Waddell, John A.-1892 
Waddell, T.D.-1898 
Wall, Bennett-1861 
Wall, Elizabeth-1857 
Wall, Isaac-1884 
Wall, Jesse-1842 
Wall, Mollie-1851 
Wall, Perry-1836 
Wall, William-1835 
Walter, James-1816 
Walton, Jonathan-1806 
Ward, Benajah-1848
Watkins, Ann-1803 
Watkins, Incel-1872 
Watkins, James-1801 
Watkins, James-1775 
Watkins, Winsor-1867 
Watson, Amos-1850 
Watson, Ephraim-1821 
Watson, Hezekiah-1926 
Watson, Jacob-1773 
Watson, James-1829 
Watson, James, Sr.-1782 
Watson, John-1815 
Watson, Josiah O.-1852 
Watson, Soloman-1806 
Watson, W.B.-1897 
Watson, William-1765 
Watson, William P.-1867 
Watson, Willis-1815 
Weaver, Martha Jane-1901 
Webb, Sewell R.-1894
Wellons, Erastus-1869 
Wellons, Jesse-1868 
Wellons, Louiza-1861 
Wellons, Lucreta-1813 
Wellons, Melissa-1879 
Wellons, Willie H.-1868
Wheeler, Frusey-1887 
Wheeler, Susan-1892 
White, Saul-1806
Whitley, Elizabeth-1864 
Whitley, Enoch-1842 
Whitley, Esther-1825 
Whitley, H.M-1879 
Whitley, John, Sr.-1819 
Whitley, Leander-1863 
Whitely, Needham-1832 
Whitely, William-1833
Williams, Adam-1873 
Williams, Benjamin-1794 
Williams, F.J., Sr.-1891 
Williams, Isaac-1768 
Williams, Isaac-1830 
Williams, Isaac H.-1861 
Williams, Joel-1761 
Williams, James-1861 
Williams, John-1833 
Williams, Martha-1761 
Williams, Nathan-1867 
Williams, Sarah-1806 
Williams, Thomas-1761 
Williamson, Handy-1833 
Williamson, Sarah-1850
Woodard, Annie-1891 
Woodard, Irvin A.-1876 
Woodard, Jethro-1820 
Woodard, Joseph-1872 
Woodard, Mathew-1847 
Woodard, Sarah A.-1884 
Woodard, Willis-1862 
Woodell, Berry-1855 
Wooten, Jesse-1812 
Wren, James-1794 

Yelventon, Shadrich-1824

Note:  This is a partial list of the estate records and wills that are on file for Johnston County, NC, in the North Carolina Archives.  To obtain these and other records, contact the State Archives: 
     North Carolina State Archives 
     Department of Cultural Resources
     Archives and Records Section
     4614 Mail Service Center
     Raleigh, NC  27699-4614
     email:  NC state library <awegner@ncsl.dcr.state.nc.us>
     web:  http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/  

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