Woodard's Branch

Woodard D. Holland II Cemetery
Appling County, Georgia

The Woodard D. Holland Family 

Woodard D. Holland II is the 7th (possibly 8th) child of Woodard D. and Celia, son of Elisha, son of Jimmie Holland and Jerutha White.  Woodard D. Holland II and Rhoda left Wayne County, North Carolina probably before 1900 and bought land in Appling County, Georgia, about 16 miles south of Baxley. 

Graves of Rhoda, wife (left) and Woodard D. Holland (right)

Grave of Rhoda, wife of Woodard Holland

Grave of Woodard D. Holland

Woodard D. Holland II, son of Woodard D. Holland and Celia, 
son of Elisha Holland, 
son of  Jimmie Holland and Jerutha White

This plaque is in the Holland Family Cemetery in Appling County, Georgia.

These pictures were taken and donated in March 2001by Nancy Holland Slagle of Bradenton, Florida, great-great-great-granddaughter of Elisha Holland and Patience Watkins.

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