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0Holland Cemetery
Appling County, Georgia

The Holland Cemetery is located about 15 miles south of Baxley, Georgia, on highway 15, called the Blackshear Highway.

Driving directions: There is a road crossing State Road 15 south of Baxley that has a county road sign reading "Holland Cemetery Rd."  Turn West. Just a little ways north, about 1/2 mile or less, there is a blinking light at State Road 203.   Turn West there and about 1/2 mile along is the Tomberlin Cemetery Road.   To the left up that road through the field is the Holland Cemetery, and to the right is the Tomberlin-Paulk Cemetery.  There is also a Moody Cemetery up that road.  Holland Cemetery Road turns into Moody Cemetery Road at the corner of the Holland Cemetery. 



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Graves of Woodard D. Holland and Rhoda Brown woodard-Rhoda.jpg (20339 bytes)
Graves of the Addie Cornelia Holland and the William Chester Aycock family
  • Richard Nathan 'Dock' Aycock (son of Addie Cornelia Holland, grandson of Woodard D. and Holland and Rhoda Brown) and
  • his wife Mollie Solomon
  • Richard N. Aycock (son of Dock)
  • Barden V. ('Tiny') Aycock 
DockAycocks-fullveiw.jpg (12298 bytes)
Graves of Eli C. Holland family 
  • Mollisa Johnson
  • Mrs. Martin
  • Nancy Mozell Purvis
  • Ethel Holland
EliCHolland-NancyMozell3.jpg (20626 bytes)
Graves of James Francis ('Jemes') Holland, his wife Maggie Eason and children
  • Loma Holland with husband Marion Martin
  • George Burney (' Dood') Holland
  • Dennis ('Goody') Holland
Jimes-JamesFrances.jpg (14325 bytes)

These pictures were taken and donated in March 2001by Nancy Mae Holland Slagle of Florida,
great-great-granddaughter of Woodard Holland and Rhoda.  Nancy also contributed the driving directions to the cemetery.  

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