Exum's Branch

Patrick Holland Cemetery
Micro, Johnston County, North Carolina

The Robert Hatcher Holland Family 
Millard Pratt Holland Family 

Robert Hatcher Holland  is the 1st  child of Patrick Dowd Holland and Lougenia Pender.  Patrick Dowd Holland is the 9th child of Exum Holland and the 1st child with his 2nd wife  Martha Parks.  

Grave of Dicena Edgerton, wife of Robert Hatcher Holland
born 6 October 1885
died 15 March 1959 (age 73)

Grave of Robert Hatcher Holland
son of Patrick Dowd Holland and Lougenia Pender 
born 27 September 1883
died 17 August 1946 (age 62)

Jimmie Holland - Elisha Holland - Exum Holland - Patrick Dowd Holland - Robert Hatcher Holland