Elisha Holland Cemetery

2001 - 2002

Located on North Carolina Highway 581 just north of Pinkney in Wayne County, North Carolina 

Restoration and Preservation 

Monument Project 2002


The Elisha Holland Cemetery Today

The Elisha Holland cemetery is located on North Carolina Highway 581 about a mile north of the town of Pinkney in Wayne County, North Carolina.  It is approximately 300 yards west of the monument erected by Nellie Holland Russell on land settled by Jimmie Holland and passed on to his son Elisha.  It is in a farmer's field about 70 yards from the highway on the east side of the road.  There is no driveway to it.

There is no fence around the cemetery and it is vulnerable to being overgrown with trees again or taken over by a farmer plowing closer and closer to it.  There is also no driveway to the cemetery from the road.  This picture, taken from the state road, shows how far away from the road the cemetery is -- approximately 70 yards -- and how inaccessible it is.

The Elisha Holland cemetery contains the graves of the ancestors of all who are in this family. The cemetery was neglected for many years and became completely overgrown with trees and brush.

In the spring of 2001, a group from the Dr. B. T. Person Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, headed by Allen Aycock, SCV camp commander, cleaned the brush and woods from the cemetery and determined that there were four Confederate veterans buried there.  See newspaper story and pictures)

Mr. Frank Hinnant furnished these pictures of the cemetery cleanup so you can more fully appreciate the work this group did to save this cemetery.  


This photo was taken on April 27, 2001 after the cemetery was cleaned up.  It was sent to me by Terry Sullivan.

At the time of the cleanup, gravestones were found broken and laying on the ground, some stacked on top of one another.  Remnants of steel posts were found, indicating a fence was there at some previous time. The tombstones which were broken have been repaired -- literally 'glued' back together, and re-planted and re-arranged.

A number of wooden grave markers were burned when a fire got away from a farmer who was burning off the land.  Included in those was the wooden grave marker of Elisha Holland and his wives Patience Watkins and Patie Peacock.  Fortunately for us, Mr. D. Frank Hinnant took pictures of those grave markers in 1960 before they were lost to us forever.  The oldest grave in the cemetery that can be identified now is from 1804.

Monument Phase 2

Mr. D. Frank Hinnant, Jr., a local concerned family member -- his mother was Lillie Naomi Holland -- is heading up a fund to place a fence around the Elisha Holland cemetery and monument.   A bank account has been set up and donations are being accepted.  If you are concerned about this cemetery and wish to contribute to the monument fund, you may do so by sending your check and your ideas to

Mr. Randy Pittman, Tres.
P. O. Box 483
Pikeville, NC 27863

Checks should be made out to Elisha Holland Cemetery Fund.

This is a preliminary drawing of the monument stone that descendents of Elisha Holland, Patience Watkins, and Patia Peacock are planning to put in the Elisha Holland Cemetery when enough funds have been raised.  The wooden grave markers for Elisha Holland, Patience Watkins and Patie Peacock were destroyed by fire in the 1960's.  

This was the plan Mr. Hinnant showed me 29 May 2002


The monument was placed in the Elisha Holland Cemetery in December 2002.  Thank you to all who contributed.   Now our ancestors, at last, have a permanent grave marker.   See picture.

These next pictures of the Elisha Holland Cemetery were taken in May 2010 and provided by Stephanie Holland.



The Elisha Holland Cemetery Tomorrow

In addition to the Elisha Holland Cemetery monument project, the Jimmie and Ruthie Holland Family Association is also working toward the restoration and preservation of the cemetery.  Their plans include a fence around the cemetery and negotiating for access.  For information about this newly-formed organization, see their announcement which is posted on this web site.

For nearly 200 years, our ancestors took care of this cemetery.  Now they don't and it is up to us to do it or lose it forever.


Don't let this happen again.  Next time, we may not be able to find it.



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