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Barbara Holland Hagen wrote in December 2002, describing her trip to Hackney, Kansas:

Dick and I visited the Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Hackney, Kansas, the end of November [2002].  The only place open in town was the Baptist Church.  We went in and met the pastor Ted Brown.  He was no nice to us and let Dick copy the parts of the church history that included Holland or Muret information.  He gave me three phone numbers:

Marvin Hostetter - is on the township board and is my 2nd cousin on the Muret side.  He remembered my grandmother and farms the Hugh Holland land.  He took me for a ride in his huge combine - we harvested Milo on the Holland land.  What an experience!
Mike Reynolds - keeps the records on the cemetery in Hackney.  He met us at the cemetery and was very helpful.
Doris Priest - the local historian.  We drove to her farm and met her.  She is very old, but knows about everyone many years back.  I didn't get the feeling that she is following up on the current generation.  We were given some cotton stalks from her field to bring back to our grandchildren who think cotton grows at the GAP.  

Everyone was so nice to us.  


Barbara Holland Hagen:  

The dear lady who, with her husband Dick, photographed and transcribed the West Holland Cemetery in Hackney, Kansas, for this web site.  Here, she is making a stone rubbing of Needham Gray Holland's grave.  



Barbara goes to Hackney, Kansas, meets new cousin Marvin Hostetter, and harvests Milo on Holland land.   


Barbara with Doris Priest, local historian of Hackney, Kansas.  Some of Doris' writings about the West Hollands in Hackney, Kansas, are in the Stories section of this web site.  


Linage:  Jimmie Holland - Elisha Holland - West Holland - Ransome Beauregard Holland - Ransome George Holland - Barbara Holland 


Pictures provided by Barbara Holland Hagan in December 2002

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