Absalom's Branch

William "John" Hargrove and Alice Faye Holland July 2006
Alice Faye Holland is the granddaughter of James Henry Burton Holland and Lillie Mae Bass.

Lou Newsome Sasser, Mark Newsome, Regina Hargrove Newsome
Regina is the daughter of Alice Faye Holland and the granddaughter of Charlie James and Esther Hinson Holland
Shower Free Chapel July 2006

Sherrill Scott Hargrove with his children Will and Katlyn Hargrove.  Scott is the Son of Alice Faye Holland and grandson of Charlie James Holland.  May 2006

Jeffrey and Aubree Hargrove Allen.  Aubree is the daughter of Alice Faye Holland Hargrove and the granddaughter of Charlie James Holland

May 2006

  Molly Best, Will Hargrove, Katlyn Hargrove with Colby Best, front.

Molly and Colby are the children of Sherry Hargrove Best.  Will and Katlyn are the children of Scott Hargrove.  All are grandchildren of Alice Faye Holland Hargrove.

Jessica Lynn Newsome and Jason Hoyle Feb 2008.  Jeremiah David Newsome   July 2006. 
Jessica and Jeremy are children of Regina Newsome and grandchildren of Alice Faye Holland.
Aubree Hargrove and daughter Lily Grace Allen.  Lily is granddaughter of Alice Faye Holland.   December 2006



Alice Faye Holland descends from Jimmie and Jerutha Holland's first son Absalom
through Elisha and Patience Watkins's 7th son Absalom (b. abt. 1802),
through Absalom's 1st son Burdin Holland (b. 1833) and Mary Susan Bass,
through Burdin Holland's 5th son with his 3rd wife Mary Susan Bass, James Henry Burton Holland,
and through James Henry Burton's first son Charlie James Holland.
.  Alice Faye Holland is the 6th child of Charlie James Holland and Esther Hinson Holland. 

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