I, Diana Holland Faust, get almost as many inquiries about Hollands in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee who belong to a different Holland family from my own, as I do about my own Jimmie Holland family line.  Of course, those making the inquiries do not know which line they descend from -- that's why they inquire.  For that reason, and to help those who seek, I am publishing here all the information I have on the other major Holland family in the same region.  It is meticulously researched by Wiley Julian Holland and provided to this website for the purpose of disseminating actual, factual, researched genealogy, as opposed to making assumptions and guesses and propagating it online as truth.  


Wiley Thomas Holland Family of Georgia

by Wiley Julian Holland153  wholland15@verizon.net
Copyright  2003 - published here March 10, 2014

Wiley Thomas Holland Sr. was the son of Jacob Holland Jr. (1782-1837) and Tempy Johnson who migrated from Edgecombe County, North Carolina, to Hancock County, Georgia between 1802 and 1803.

Not only was he the first of my Holland line to be born in Georgia, he was also my G-G Grandfather and the progenitor of 16 sons and two daughters by two wives. In addition to Wiley Thomas Holland, his father Jacob and his wife, Tempy, had a daughter, Abra Holland, born about 1808 and died after 1880. Jacob Jr. also fathered an illegitimate son, William Green Holland who was killed in 1864 during the Civil War.

The two biological children of Jacob Holland Jr. and Tempy Johnson and Jacob's illegitimate son were :

1-WILEY THOMAS HOLLAND SR. My great great Grandfather, was born 1804 in Hancock County, Georgia and died June 3, 1884 in Wilkinson County, Georgia. He was the first of my direct line to be born in Georgia, having been born a year after his father Jacob migrated from Edgecombe County, North Carolina. After Wiley's father had moved to Houston County about 1825, he purchased property in Houston County from William Kemp, lot 178, district 14 but there is no record of him living there. On April 30, 1825 he married Irene (Jincy) Passmore in Wilkinson County, Georgia.

Irene was the daughter of Alexander Passmore and Patsy Sikes. According to the best information I could find, Alexander was married about five or six times. He was born in 1782 in the Edgecombe, Halifax area of North Carolina and probably migrated to Georgia at the same time as Jacob Holland Jr. who was the same age. Alexander died in 1856 in Wilkinson County and his son in law, Wiley Thomas Holland, was the executor of his estate. Alexander Passmore was a large landowner and the Passmore District in Wilkinson County was named after him.

Irene Passmore Holland was born in Hancock County 1806 and died in June of 1842 while living in Wilkinson County, Georgia. She and Wiley Thomas had six sons and two daughters before she died She is assumed to be buried next to Wiley in the family cemetery on a hill over looking their home that burned in 1940.

The cemetery is located about 100 yards from the ruins of the home and is comprised of four graves, possibly five, surrounded by a wire fence. Mr. Perry Dorminey, who was raised on an adjoining farm to the Holland property in the 1920's described the Holland house as being "very large with a porch that surrounded the entire house".

While researching in Wilkinson County in 1978, I talked with an elderly attorney in Irwinton whose grandfather, an attorney, had known Wiley and his family. He made the following observations told to him by his father and grandfather.

"The Holland residence was known as the White House and was the social center of that part of Wilkinson County. Anybody who knew anyone knew Wiley Holland and all his sons." He further estimated the Holland plantation totaled roughly 1000 acres at one time based on his grandfather's land transaction records listing Wiley Holland as the original land owner.

When Wiley died in 1884, he only owned 505 acres. He had sold sections of his land to two of his sons and probably had to sell more to pay inflated taxes imposed on Southern landowners during Reconstruction following the Civil War. The original property of Wiley Holland, including the ruins of the house is now part of the Arcilla Timber and Mining Company which owns thousands of acres in Wilkinson County. The house and cemetery are located in land district 4, land lot 189 in Wilkinson County. The closest approach is Georgia Hiwa 12 at milepost 30.4, one half mile on Poor Road. It requires a half mile walk when given permission by Arcilla Mining to enter.

In 1837, at the age of 32, Wiley was appointed Justice of the Peace and served in that capacity until 1848, serving again in 1865. In that capacity, he performed forty one civil marriages that are recorded. In 1841, Wiley was a delegate to the Young Men's Convention held in Milledgeville, Georgia, State Capitol at the time. During this period, Wiley's first wife, Irene Passmore died in June 1842 and six months later on Christmas day, December 25, 1842, Wiley married Frances McKenzie. Between 1844 and 1861, Wiley and Frances had ten sons listed in the next generation.

From 1844 through 1853, Wiley served as Wilkinson County Tax Collector and in 1855 was a delegate to the Georgia State Democratic Convention representing the seventh Congressional District. From 1852 until 1859, he along with his son, Wiley Thomas Jr., taught school at the "Poor School" which educated students whose parents could not pay for the cost of a teacher. In 1864, during the Civil War, Wiley was appointed policeman in the Passmore District to supervise the distribution of food from the Confederate stores in Milledgeville to indigent families of deceased Confederate soldiers.

During General Sherman's march to Savannah in 1864, his soldiers pilfered and stole many items such as livestock and food from the citizens of Wilkinson County. Following the war a Commission was established to file claims against the Federal government to compensate Georgia citizens for the commodities stolen by General Sherman's soldiers. Wiley Holland represented many Wilkinson County citizens assisting them in filing their claims against the Federal government for compensation.

In 1870, Wiley continued to operate his plantation. Wiley freed a former house slave, Peggy before the Civil War and she adopted the name Holland and lived in the Holland household as a domestic servant. During the 1870s, he served on the Wilkinson County Board of Commissioners and in 1875 was a member of the Roads and Revenue Commission, Wiley was referred to "Judge" Holland.

An article written in the Southern Advocate, Irwinton, Georgia, dated December 17, 1875 states the following, "Judge Wiley Holland, one of the County Commissioners, over seventy years of age, was, notwithstanding the steady rain of last Tuesday, the first one of the Board to arrive at the Courthouse. For eight years prior to the war, he served as tax collector and was a most efficient official".

The May 2, 1876 paper reads." Judge Wiley Holland was in Irwinton last week selling home made syrup for 75 cents per gallon" The June 10, 1884 Union and Recorder paper writes, "Wiley Holland, an old citizen of Toombsboro is dead. He was over eighty years old. He was hoeing cotton the day he was taken sick."

Obituary of Wiley Holland printed in the Advance, a local newspaper, June 1884

"Died in Wilkinson County at his home near Irwinton on June 3rd of this year, Mr. Wiley Holland in the 80th year of his life. He was born in Hancock County and moved to Wilkinson County when he was six years of age. Few men have lived a more honorable life than he did. He was the genuine type of manhood, twice married, the father of eighteen children, sixteen boys and two girls, who reflect honor upon their parents, both in their business capacities of life and their hospitable nature, for whom he was so well known.

His was the stranger's home and no one was under necessity to complain of ill treatment with whom he met, whether at home or abroad. He served his county as Tax Collector for the long term of eight years in those good old antebellum days when there was honor connected with the office, when the man was sought and not the office. He joined the Missionary Baptist Church at Liberty on April 25th, 1845, was baptized by Reverend W.B. Steely; since which time he lived a most consistent Christian life, walking honorably, dealing justly, having mercy, modest and retiring, he quietly moved in his sphere of life.

None knew him but to do him honor and those who knew him best were constrained to love him. Though dead, he yet speaketh, though we shall not again greet his cheerful face in our gatherings in the earthly courts. We rejoice in hope that beyond the river we shall grasp his hand again. We offer our condolence to the bereaved family circle, hoping that he who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb, will shield them from the storm and tempest of life---beyond the dark cloud there is a silver lining of joy beneath their blackness."

Wiley Thomas Holland WILL dated September 8th, 1883, Wilkinson County, GA.

I, Wiley Holland, of the said state and county being of advance age but of sound and disposing mind and memory knowing that I must shortly depart this life, deem it right and proper, both as respects myself and family that I should make a disposition of the property which a kind providence has blessed me: I do hereby make this my last will and testament, here by revoking and annulling all by me heretofore made.

FIRST. I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian like manner, suitable to my circumstances and conditions in life; my soul, I trust, shall return to rest with God who gave it and I hope for salvation through the merits and atonements of the beloved Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

SECOND. I desire that all my just debts be paid without delay by my executors herein after named and appointed.

THIRD. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Frances, for and during her natural life or widowhood only, 405 acres of land, being lot No.190 and 100 acres of land known as the Dismuke Place. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife in the same manner the farming utensils used on the farm of the previously described 405 acres with all the household and kitchen furniture.

FOURTH. I give and bequeath to my daughter Jane Yarborough, wife of B. Yarborough of Appling County in the state of Georgia, $50.00 in cash. I give and bequeath to my granddaughter, Irene Hester of the County of Appling, state of Georgia, the sum of $50.00 in cash.

FIFTH. I give and bequeath to my children who are the offsprings of my first wife, Irene; Benjamin F., John J, W.T.,E.J., A.P., Willam G, to them and their heirs , the amount that may be collected out of the notes and executions that I hold against my sons E.J., an W.T. Holland. The same amounts collected to be equally divided between the above named children and their heirs.

SIXTH. I desire and direct that should any of the perishable property previously described, from any providential or any other cause threaten or promise to go to waste or to decay; and in the opinion of the executors, here in after named, the property should be sold and the proceeds be either reinvested or otherwise deposited in the opinion of my executors that they deem best.

SEVENTH. I further desire and direct that at the death of my beloved wife, Frances E.; all of the property that may be left after said death of my beloved wife, Frances, shall be equally divided between the offsprings of my union with Frances; to wit: James E., Wiley J, David W., Amos I, Joel H., Samuel C., Jesse M., Arthur A, Addison R.; to them and if not, to their heirs if any.

EIGHTH. I constitute and appoint my sons Samuel C. and Jesse M. executors of this, my last will and testament, this September 8th, 1883.

NOTE ON WILL- Wiley's daughter, Sara Anne, by his first wife, Jincy, had died in 1860 and was not listed as an heir but her child Lydia Irene was designated to receive $50.00. Lydia Irene had spent her early life with her grandfather after her mother had died in childbirth. The only child by Frances McKenzie not listed in the will was Joseph H. because he had been killed in the Civil War and had no children. In today's terms $50.00 sounds like an insignificant sum but in researching unimproved land values in Appling County during the early 1880's, I found that land could be purchased for 50 cents per acre.

2- ABRA HOLLAND- Wiley Thomas's sister was born 1808 in Hancock County, Georgia and named after her father's sister who had migrated to Georgia with him. She died after 1880 in Taylor County, Georgia. Abra married David Olin Smith in 1832, Houston County, Georgia while living with her father, Jacob, who had moved to Houston County in 1824 from Wilkinson. David Olin Smith was appointed by the court to administer the disposal of his father-in laws property in Houston County after Jacob Holland died in 1837.

David represented Houston County in the Georgia House of Representatives and was probably instrumental in having his brother in law, William Green Whittington's name legally changed to Holland. He served as Justice of the Peace in Houston County from January 11, 1856 until January 12, 1857 at which time he and his family moved to Taylor County, Georgia.

Smith was a successful businessman in Taylor County and bonded several projects in the county. He also served as Alderman and served on several grand juries. He owned two slaves at this time, one male aged 56 and a female, aged 50. David was a Freemason affiliated with Lodge 129 in Taylor County.

In 1867 David, his wife and at least three of his children moved to Webster Parish, Louisiana. He died around 1875 and his wife Abra and her daughter, Abra, herself a widow, moved back to Taylor County, Georgia. In 1880, Abra was sharing a house in Taylor County, Georgia with her daughter and two grandsons, Zechariah and William. William was born in Louisiana in 1877.

3- WILLIAM GREEN HOLLAND- Born in Houston County, Georgia about 1828. He was killed February 20, 1864 at the battle of Olustee, Florida during the Civil War. William was the illegitimate son of Jacob Holland and Tabitha Whittington and his name was legally changed by the Georgia legislature to Holland as per Jacob's directions in his oral will. William was probably raised by his mother Tabitha in Taylor County, Georgia. There were several Whittington families living in that county between 1840- 1860.William's older half sister, Abra Holland Smith also lived there between 1857 and 1867.

William Green was married and lived in Taylor County at the beginning of the Civil War in 1861. He enlisted in Company F, 27th Infantry Regiment, Taylor County Volunteers, CSA and was killed at the battle of Olustee during the Civil War in Florida, February 20, 1864. On September 24th, 1864, following the death of William Green, his wife (listed only as Mrs. Green Holland) was one 123 Confederate widows in Taylor County to be allocated free salt for preserving meat. I could find no record of William Green Holland having children

For the sake of brevity I am I am using Wiley Thomas Holland as Generation One.

Generation 2-

1-BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HOLLAND-Born November 11th, 1827 in Wilkinson County, Georgia and died before 1880 in Lowndes County, Georgia. He married Piety Jane Matthews in Berrien County, Georgia December 18th, 1846. Piety was born in 1830 and died after 1880. She was the daughter of Jordan and Sarah Matthews. By 1860 Benjamin was living in Lowndes County, Georgia. He served in the 20th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry, Lowndes Volunteers during the Civil War.
Children of Benjamin Franklin Holland and Piety Jane Matthews.
a-Mary E. Holland-Born August 8, 1855, married George
Washington Lewis
b-Sarah Holland-Born 1850 death unknown
c-Benjamin Jordan Holland-Born 1857 and died 1908 in Little
Rock, Arkansas. He married Sarah Ann Sapp and they had 5
d-Nancy Jane Holland-Born 1859, no further record.

2-JOHN J. HOLLAND-Born between 1827 and 1831 in Wilkinson County, Georgia. According to the will of Wiley Thomas Holland, John J. Holland was listed as a son and heir. I searched for years trying to locate John J and while I located some circumstantial evidence, I am only comfortable listing him as a son of Wiley Thomas Sr.

3-WILEY THOMAS HOLLAND JR.- Born August 1, 1831 in Wilkinson County, Georgia and died April 14, 1908 in Isle of Hope Community, Savannah, Georgia. On December 19, 1860 he married Ruby Mehaffey in Wilkinson County. Ruby's brother, Andrew J. Mehaffey, served in I Company, 57th Regiment, CSA and was killed at the battle of Vicksburg in 1863. Before the Civil War Wiley was a school teacher at the Poor School in Irwinton, Georgia and for a while before his marriage, lived with his brother Elisha Jackson Holland.

Between 1880/85 Wiley, moved to Cordele, Crisp County Georgia from Wilkinson County. He owned and operated the "Holland House" a hotel known throughout South Georgia according to my grandfather, Wiley Pinkney Holland. An elderly Negro man who had worked as a bell-hop at the hotel as a young man told my father, Wiley Julian Holland, on a business trip to Cordele in the 1940s that," Travelers would always try to make it to Cordele to stay at the Holland House".

Wiley Holland's children were all musically talented according to the bellhop and formed an orchestra that performed for the guest after dinner. This family moved to Savannah, Ga. around 1900 and then to Jacksonville, Florida. Wiley and Rebecca had 10 children, listed in the next generation

Wiley Thomas Holland Jr. obituary was written in April 7, 1908 edition of the Union Recorder: An Aged Christian Gone To His Reward

"Wiley Thomas Holland was born in Wilkinson County, Georgia August 1, 1831 and died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Anna Hiers, at the Isle of Good Hope near Savannah April 4, 1908, being more than seventy-seven years of age. He was the grandson of the first settler of Wilkinson County and was the son of Wiley Holland by his first marriage-one of sixteen sons and two daughters

Being in the Government employ, which required his presence at home, he was not a Confederate soldier, though the cause was dear to his heart-several brothers being at the front. He joined the Baptist Church in his early youth and remained a devoted member. He was a fully ripened sheaf, ready and waiting for the grim reaper.

He leaves a wife, seven children and seven half brothers to mourn his death. He was gentle, sweet and charitable. Many old friends of the family met his remains at the depot when they arrived at the depot in this city Sunday afternoon and together with the pastor and deacons of the Milledgeville Baptist Church escorted them to their last resting place in the silent city of the dead, there to await the resurrection of the just".

4-ELISHA JACKSON HOLLAND- Born March 9, 1833, Wilkinson County, Georgia and died July 3, 1903 in Laurens County. Elisha is buried at Northview Cemetery in Dublin, Georgia and a Confederate marker is on his grave. He married Anna Elizabeth Granade in Wilkinson County November 30, 1854. Anna was born 1836 and died October 4, 1915 in Dublin, Georgia.

She died at her home in Dublin and the funeral service was conducted by Reverend W.F. Mott. Anna was buried at Northview Cemetery in Dublin. Elisha Holland was a successful farmer prior to the Civil War and the 1860 census shows his real property valued at $14,000. Elisha and Anna Elizabeth had ten children listed in the next generation.

After Sherman's Union Army invaded Georgia in 1864, Georgia reorganized the state Militia forces which included Elisha at age 31.

Anna Elizabeth' obituary in the Macon Telegraph Reads
October 5, 1915
Macon Daily Telegraph
Dublin Ga, October 4 (Special) Mrs. A. E. Holland, aged 79 years, died at her home early this morning after a short illness. She is survived by several children, J. W. Holland, of Dublin; C. C. Holland, of Laurens county; J. T. Holland, of Wilkinson county; Mrs. Bob Adams, of Gordon; Mrs Bartow Adams, of Milledgeville, Mrs. R. B. Patterson, of Thomasville; Mrs. H. H. Erwin, of Dublin, and W. H. Holland, of Washington county. Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. W. F. Mott this morning, and the interment will follow in Northview cemetery.
October 3, 1915

5- WILLIAM G HOLLAND- Born 1835, Wilkinson County, Georgia and died in the Portsmouth Naval Confederate hospital, April 16, 1861, in Portsmouth, Virginia. He is buried in the Hospital Cemetery. He married Rebecca C. Wheeler, of Wilkinson County on May 6, 1855 and they had four children before he enlisted. Those children are listed in the next generation.

Rebecca's three brothers, David, Merritt and Samuel served in A Company, 57th Regiment, CSA and were captured at the battle of Vicksburg in 1863. William was a farmer before the Civil War and enlisted in Company F, 3 rd Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CSA. Wilkinson County, Georgia.

Following the death of William his widow, Rebecca, married William McCullar December16, 1866 and had several more children although nothing about them is known. William McCullar had served in A Company 49th Regiment, CSA and was wounded at the battle of the Wilderness in Virginia in 1864. It is thought by her descendants that Rebecca died of stomach cancer and is buried in an unmarked grave at Walnut Creek Baptist Church in Wilkinson County, Georgia


My GREAT GRANDFATHER- Born 1837, Wilkinson County, Georgia, died 1877, and is buried in the Holland cemetery adjacent to his father, Wiley Thomas Holland Sr. According to his wife, Alexander was an accomplished violin and clarinet player and provided entertainment at his father's social functions before the Civil War. His wife also said he was not fond of farming and had learned the art of making shoes and dress boots before the Civil War. By 1860, Pink had left home and was living in Preston, Webster County, Georgia, boarding in a home owned by a Methodist Minister R.F Landsfall.

His occupation was listed as shoemaker. He married Caroline(Carrie) Tatum, of Webster County, Georgia in 1862.Carrie was born in Stewart County(later Webster County) September18th, 1840 and died June 20, 1922 in Worth County, Georgia. Carrie was the daughter of Sara Ann Jones and Ithmar Tatum of Webster County, Georgia. Carrie's grandfather, Reuben Jones, (1796-1860) was one of the wealthiest planters in southwest Georgia.

According to the book, "History of Webster County, Part 1", Reuben Jones "owned approximately 10,000 acres of land in what is now Randolph, Stewart, Webster, and Terrell Counties. He also owned a general store, 2 grist mills and a gin. In 1843 Reuben gave each of his eight children 1000 acres and several slaves, keeping 2,000 acres and forty slaves for himself"

Carrie Tatum Holland told my father her grandfather, Reuben Jones, would not eat dinner at night until he knew all his house slaves and their children had been fed. My grandmother, Allie Bell Holland, told my father her mother in law, Carrie, had come from such a wealthy family with house slaves that after the Civil War "she had to be taught how to comb her own hair". Carrie was well educated for her day and fiercely independent which probably exacerbated her strained relations with her father in law, Wiley Thomas Holland.

On April 30, 1862 Pink enlisted in A Company, 55th Georgia Regiment, Army of Tennessee. Two of his wife's uncles, Joseph and Reuben Jones were in the same company. In September 1863, Pink's 55th Regiment, commanded by Major Printup participated in the Battle of Cumberland Gap in Tennessee, a Union victory. Pink was one of eight men in his company who escaped capture.

Rather than reassign Pink to another combat regiment, he and several others were transferred to the other Andersonville prison in South Georgia which opened in February 1864. In April, 1865 Pink's unit was sent to the Tallahassee, Florida area to defend the state Capitol against the invading Union soldiers advancing from the Gulf Coast. Being hopelessly outnumbered and 30 days after General Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox, Va. Pink's unit surrendered in Tallahassee on May 10, 1865 and he was paroled in Albany, Georgia May 26th, 1865.

After the Civil War, Pink Holland, with his wife Carrie and his only child, my grandfather, Wiley Pinkney, moved to Americus, Georgia. He established a shoe and boot making business and even though it was in the deepest part of Reconstruction, he did quite well financially. He had a woman and a man working for him and he had his cousin, Bradford Brake, living with him and also working in the business. According to his wife, Carrie, Pink would buy half a cow hide for $5.00. He could then make two pair of shoes which he sold for $8.00 a pair and $15.00 for the boots.

According to his wife, as told to my Father, Pink suffered severe bouts of depression and nightmares following the war. Whether this was caused by witnessing the horrors at Andersonville where 14,000 Union soldiers died, no one knows. In an attempt to relieve the depression, Pink drank laudanum, an opium base painkiller used extensively by doctors at that time and when he became intoxicated, would take the Yankee dollars from his pockets and throw them into the burning fireplace. Carrie and her son, "would rest on their hands and knees while pull the burning dollars from the fire".

According to my father's memoirs, the situation became intolerable and in 1875/6 Carrie left her husband and took her son back to the Tatum home place in Terrell County. My great grandfather, Pink Holland, committed suicide in 1877. When Pink died, Carrie relented to her father in law, Wiley Thomas Holland, and allowed him to take Pink's body back to Wilkinson County for burial in the cemetery at the Holland home place. In 1883, Carrie left her son, Wiley, who was then twenty one, to run their farm in Webster County and she moved to Columbia, Alabama to help raise the children of her younger sister, Marie, who had died young.

Carrie died in 1922 and is buried at New Bethel Church Cemetery in Worth County. Carrie and Pink Holland had only one child, Wiley Pinkney Holland, my grandfather. She was a tremendous source of information about my family.

7-MARTHA JANE HOLLAND- Born 1838, Wilkinson County, Georgia and died June 1st, 1904 in Coffee County, Georgia. She married William Yarborough in 1857. William was a plantation overseer in Wilkinson County. On May 3, 1862, he enlisted in K Company, 57th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee. He was captured at Kennesaw Mountain, Ga. on June 19, 1864, and was paroled at Camp Morton, Indiana and forwarded to Point Lookout Maryland for exchange. He was exchanged at Boulware & Cox's Wharves, James River, Virginia March 23rd 1865.

After his release from the army, Martha Jane and William moved to Appling County, Georgia where he was a farmer. They
had 13 children but I am not listing them. On October 23rd, 1884 legal papers were served in Appling County, Georgia relative to the divorce of Martha Jane and William. Martha and her children continued living in Appling County and later Coffee County, Georgia. It is rumored that William moved to Alabama. He was not a good man.

8- SARAH ANN HOLLAND-Born 1840, Wilkinson County, Georgia and died in childbirth May 24th 1860 at the age of 20. Her child, Lydia Irene, survived was raised by her father, Wiley Thomas Holland Sr. and her Aunt Martha Jane.


9-JAMES E. HOLLAND- Born 1844, Wilkinson County, Georgia and probably died in Texas, date unknown. Two months after returning home from the Civil War following his surrender in North Carolina, James married Sarah Brannan on June 11, 1865. Sarah had a brother and five first cousins who fought for the Confederacy, two were wounded and two were killed. Sarah, born in 1845, was the daughter of Alfred Branan and Mary B Wise. Sarah Branan Holland died before 1880 and in 1882 James married Susan Poston.

On October 2, 1861, James, at the age of 17, enlisted in K Company, 57th Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Army of Tennessee. James was wounded in the stomach at Champion Hill, Mississippi, May 16, 1863 and was captured at Vicksburg July 4th, 1863. He was paroled July11, 1863, rejoined another Confederate unit and fought the remainder of the war against Sherman's Army, surrendering at Greensboro, North Carolina April 26th, 1865, seventeen days after General Lee's surrender at Appomattox.

He was honored by the Confederacy for Meritorious Service. After his third wife died about 1885, he left his children with his mother, Frances, to "make his fortune in Texas". There are no further records on James and according to his son, Henry Jefferson Holland, his father died while traveling to Texas.

10-JOSEPH H. HOLLAND- Born 1846, Wilkinson County, Georgia. In 1864 at the age of 18 Joseph with his brother, Wiley J. joined the Confederate Army and both served in Guerrard's Light Artillery Battery. Their first battle engagement was the Battle of Olustee, Florida in 1864.It was at this same battle, that their uncle, William Green Holland, serving with another Confederate unit, was killed. Family oral history says Joseph was killed in later action in South Carolina while fighting against Union General Sherman and his body was never recovered. Joseph never married having been killed at the age of eighteen. Because he had died young with no children, he was not listed in his father's will.

11-WILEY J. HOLLAND-Born 1847, Wilkinson County, Georgia and died 1928 in Upshur County, Texas. He and his first wife are buried in Chilton Cemetery, Upshur County. Wiley married Mary E.(maiden name unknown) in Wilkinson County, Georgia about 1872. At the age of 17, Wiley joined the Confederate Army with his brother, Joseph, and served with him in Guerrard's Light Artillery Battery.

Following the Civil War, Wiley and his wife Mary, migrated to Upshur County, Texas. The 1880 Upshur County Census shows Wiley as being a railroad conductor. The 1920 Census shows him still working at the age of 72 as a real estate salesman. Wiley's first wife Mary E. died in childbirth in 1888 and she is also buried at Chilton Cemetery, Upshur County.

In 1893, Wiley married Catherine(Kate) Moore from Baldwin County, Georgia. She was the daughter of Charlton and Mary (Mollie) Moore. Mary died in 1920 in Texas but there is a marker for her in her parents plot in Baldwin County. Wiley applied for a Confederate pension in Texas which was approved for his service in a Georgia unit.

12-DAVID WESLEY HOLLAND- Born 1849, Wilkinson County, Georgia, died 1890 at the age of 41in Houston County, Georgia. David married Fannie Annie Eason, about 1875 and they moved to Perry, Georgia. The June 20, 1874 edition of the Augusta Chronicle reported that Fannie Eason and three other young women had raised funds to make a new flag honoring the Wilkinson Grays, the local militia, and that it would be displayed on July 4th, 1875. David was in the grocery business with a Mr. E.L. Cater and was elected city Alderman on January 19th, 1877.

David's mother, Frances Holland, was mentioned in several local newspaper articles as visiting her son in Perry prior to 1890.Annie never remarried and in 1920 was living in Cordele, Georgia as the head of household. Living with her were her brother Charles Eason, her daughter, Mattie E. Dane and her two children. Nava Dane, her son Wiley Eason Holland, Eason's wife Estelle. In 1930, they were all still living with Annie except Annie's brother, Charles Eason. Annie died in Cordele, Georgia January 8th 1946 at the age of 89.

13-AMOS ICHABOD HOLLAND- Born February 15, 1851, Wilkinson County, Georgia and died March 30, 1915 in Wilkinson County. He married Susan Louisa Ann Vaughn on January 16, 1873 in Wilkinson County. Census information shows Amos' wife as Lousia. She was the daughter of James Vaughn and Nancy McKenzie Vaughn. Susan had two older brothers, John and Joseph Vaughn who served in the 3rd Regiment, CS A. John was wounded in Virginia.

In 1880 Amos Ichabod was farming in Wilkinson County and living near a McKenzie family so I suspect his wife was probably a niece to Frances McKenzie who was the second wife to Wiley Thomas Holland. Susan Louisa was born June 1, 1856 in Wilkinson County and died April 15, 1933 in Soperton, Treutlen County, Georgia. She never remarried and was living with her daughter Minnie Jane Holland Sammons in Soperton when she died. Ichabod had another child, Luther, who was living with him in 1880 and is listed in the next generation. There is a record of only two children.

14-JOEL HOLLAND- Born 1853, Wilkinson County, Georgia, died December 8, 1929 in Worth County, Georgia. He married Julia Anne who was born June 9, 1862 and died June 8, 1902 in Worth County. Joel never remarried and he and Julia Anne are buried at Red Oak Baptist Church in the community of Bridgeboro,Worth County, Georgia.

Joel was the only great uncle my father, Wiley Julian Holland, ever met. My grandfather, Wiley Pinkney Holland, only ten years junior to Joel, moved to Worth County after his return from Texas around 1900 and according to my father, they visited quite often between 1900 and 1920.

15-ADDISON R HOLLAND- Born 1856, Wilkinson County, Ga., died after 1920, probably in Telfair County, Georgia. He married Nannie Akins, October 3, 18 83 in Houston County, Ga. Nannie was born in 1866 in Houston County, Georgia, the daughter of Ira Akins and Jane Zannie Thompson. Nannie died about 1905 in Telfair County, Georgia.

Addison purchased land in Telfair County, Georgia near McRae in July 1885 and again in May of 1898. In December 1906 Addison purchased land in Brooksville, Florida. He lost the land to taxes in 1919 and 1920 and it is believed he moved back to Telfair County, Georgia. Nannie Akins'father, Ira Akins had served as a sergeant in G Company, 8th Georgia Cavalry, Houston County, Army of Northern Virginia, CSA.

16-SAMUEL C HOLLAND- Born 1857 in Wilkinson County, Georgia and died in Polk County, Florida April 20, 1935. He is buried in lot 67, space 5 in Rose lawn Cemetery, Lakeland, Florida. In 1880, Samuel at age 23 was living with his father in Wilkinson County and listed as a farm laborer. Samuel never married and was living with his mother, Frances McKenzie Holland, when she died. He had worked for a time at the hospital for the insane in Milledgeville, Georgia in the early 1880's.

According to Samuel's nephew Henry Jefferson Holland, Samuel was known as the "old maid uncle." After the death of Samuel's mother, he" entrusted himself to a Methodist minister and his wife in Milledgeville with the condition they could have his farm if they would care for him the rest of his life. When he became a burden, the couple shipped him to Polk County, Florida where he worked for the railroad until he died. Samuel was a co-executor to his father's will with his brother Jesse.

17-JESSE MERCER HOLLAND- Born 1859, Wilkinson County, Georgia and died in Lakeland, Polk County, Florida January 31, 1938.In 1880 at the age of 21, he was living with his father, Wiley Thomas, in Wilkinson County and was listed as a farm laborer. He married Eugenia Stella Miller about 1890 and they were living in Milledgeville, Georgia in 1892 where their son Jesse M Holland Jr. was born. Stella was the daughter of Andrew J Miller of Montgomery County, Georgia. Stella Miller Holland was born in 1870 and died October 6, 1949 in Lakeland, Florida.

Between 1892 and 1900, Jesse and his family moved to Lakeland, Florida where he had a career and retired from the Seaboard Coastline Railroad. According to the family, Jesse accumulated sizeable properties in the Polk County area while he was working for the railroad. Jesse and his wife Stella are buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Lakeland in lot 100, spaces 3 and 4.Jesse served as a co-executor to his father 's will with his brother Samuel C Holland.

18-ANDREW ARTHUR HOLLAND- Born 1861 Wilkinson County, Georgia, and died 1893 in Upshur County, Texas at the age of 32. In 1880, he was living with his father and working on the farm. Andrew moved to Texas between 1880 and 1890 to join his brother Wiley J. in Upshur County. Whether he died of natural causes or was killed is unknown and there is no record of him marrying. He is buried in his brother, Wiley J Holland's burial plot at Chilton Cemetery in Upshur County, Texas.

Generation 3
Children of Wiley Thomas Holland Jr. and Ruby Mehaffey

1-THOMAS E HOLLAND-Born 1862, Wilkinson County, no further record
2-ELLA HOLLAND-Born 1864, Wilkinson County, Georgia. No further record
3-MARY E HOLLAND- Born 1866, Wilkinson County, Ga. no further record

4-CARRIE ANNA HOLLAND-Born 1868, Wilkinson, County, Ga. and her date of death is unknown. She married T.L. Avant July 11, 1887. The Union Recorder in their July 12, 1887 wedding announcements stated, " Married on Sunday morning last at the residence of the bride's father in Wilkinson County by Squire Pennington, Mr. T.L. Avant of this city and Miss Anna Holland. Our congratulations are tendered the happy pair.

5-GEORGE H.HOLLAND- Born 1869 Wilkinson County, Ga. no further record

6-BIRDIE HOLLAND, Born 1871 Wilkinson County, Ga.
April 17, 1890
The Macon Telegraph
Irwinton, April 16 (Special) The most recent event in society circles here was the marriage of Mr. Robert Avant of Milledgeville, to Miss Birdie Holland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Holland, residing near this place, on last Tuesday. Many friends of the contracting parties were present, and at the hour of 10 o'clock the couple entered the parlor, which was beautifully decorated, and made one by Rev. Carl W. Minor of Mercer University.
The friends and relatives present to witness the marriage were: Messrs W. L. Jones of Macon, Thomas Minor of Milledgeville, Mrs. Annie Perry of Cordele, Mr. Horace Holland of Tennille, and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Miller, Col. J. W. Lindsay and daughters, Misses Gertrude and Annie; Mr. Isaac Taylor and daughters, Misses Maria and Sallie May; Messrs. R. L. Spears, George Pettis, J. F. Kemp, Sammie Holland, Misses Iva Hatfield, Mattie and Emma Easons, Annie Rutland, and your correspondent.
Many handsome presents were presented to the bride, among which were a plush album; from Mr. Samuel Holland; a silver carving set and plus case from Mr. W. L. Jones, and a pickle stand from Mr. Thomas Minor. The ceremony being over, the happy couple, accompanied by a few friends, left for McIntyre, and in a short time thereafter departed for Milledgeville on the north bound train, where a reception awaited them at the home of the groom.
Others, consisting of a few people and friends of the family, were left behind to dine and spend the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Holland and their accomplished and lovable daughters

7-ADA (Anna) HOLLAND- Born 1872 Wilkinson County, Ga. Married a man named Hiers, a Shakespearean actor from New York about 1892. They were married in Cordele, Georgia where Ada's father, Wiley Thomas Holland Jr. owned the Holland House Hotel. By 1915 she was living in New York. Anna and Mr Hiers had one son, Walter Hiers.

A-WALTER HIERS, Born 1893 in Cordele, Georgia where his grandfather owned the Holland House Hotel and his mother and her siblings entertained the guest with after dinner music. Walter died in Los Angeles, California, 1933.He was a movie actor and his first film was "Just Out Of College", a silent movie filmed in 1915.From 1915 through 1928 he appeared in 65 silent movies in both comedy and dramatic roles. In 1932 he appeared in three talking films. Unfortunately Walter died from pneumonia in 1933 at the age of forty. He married Gloria Williams, a stage and screen actress and they had no children. Both are buried in Los Angeles, California.

8-EDWARD HOLLAND-Born 1874 Wilkinson County, Ga. no further record
9-WILEY O. HOLLAND-Born 1876, Wilkinson County, Ga. no further record

10-CONEY OLIVER HOLLAND, Born 1879, Wilkinson County, Georgia, died 19 38 in Jacksonville, Florida, married Ina Belle Smaw of Americus, Georgi a. Ina Belle was born March 20, 1880 and died May 21,1967 in Jacksonville, Florida. Coney was a piano salesman. His children didn't talk much about him as he had left the family early in the marriage. Ina Belle raised the children herself with financial help from her older son, Thomas Wiley Holland. Coney and Ina Mae had seven children listed in the next generation.

Generation 3 continued
Children of Elisha Jackson Holland and Anna Elizabeth Granade
1-JAMES W HOLLAND-Born 1856 in Wilkinson County, Ga. In 1900 his mother and father were living with him in Dublin, Georgia and he is buried at the foot of his father, Elisha's grave in Northview Cemetery in Dublin. He never married. In 1880 while working as a clerk at the Post Office in Toombsboro, Wilkinson County, James wrote the following advertisement in the Dublin Post.
May 26, 1880 Dublin Post
"When you come to Toomsboro, call and smoke some of my elegant CIGARS and let me convince you that it is the best place in town to buy Oysters Crackers, candies, Peanuts, Pickles, Sardines Confectioneries of all sorts. Also a big stack of tobacco, snuff, stationery etc etc
J.W. HOLLAND. Toomsboro, Ga. May 25, 1880

2-ELIZABETH IRENE HOLLAND- Born July 1857, Wilkinson County, date of death unknown. She married Joseph E Etheridge who was born September 25, 1853 in Wilkinson County. Joseph was the son of Joseph S Etheridge, born 1814 in Wilkinson County and Frances Brannan born 1815

3-WILLIAM H HOLLAND- Born 1859, no further record.

4-LULA JANE HOLLAND-Born Nov.17, 1860, Wilkinson County, Georgia, married Robert Franklin Adams, twin brother of Bartow Adams who married Effie Jackson Holland. Robert was born September 4, 1852 in Baldwin County, Georgia and died in the national flue epidemic of 1918. Lula and Robert had 11 children listed in next generation

5-LOUISA HOLLAND- Born 1862, no further record
6-HALLIE HOLLAND- Born about 1863 Wilkinson County, Georgia. Married a Patterson. No further records

7-JOHN T HOLLAND- Born February 1, 1863 and died June 10, 1932 in Wilkinson County, Georgia. John T remained in Wilkinson County and married Rosa M Lord about 1892. Rosa was born in April 29, 1874 and died May 8,1939. They are both buried in the Lord family cemetery in Wilkinson County. No further records

8-MARTHA A.(MATTIE) HOLLAND- Born April 18,1865 in Wilkinson County, Georgia and date of death is unknown. Married Harry Howard Erwin November 20, 1887 in Milledgeville, Georgia. Harry was born June 13, 1856 in Erwinton, South Carolina and his date of death in unknown. They had five children which I am not listing.

9-CHARLES COLQUITT HOLLAND- Born 1867 in Wilkinson County and died May 29, 1950 in Laurens County, Georgia. He married Thurlis Lyles, who was born October 16, 1875. She was the daughter of William D. Ryles and Polly Ann Hawthorne. William was born November 6, 1842, probably in Twiggs County, Georgia and died January 27, 1926 in Bibb County, Georgia. His wife Polly was born 1851 and died 1923

On September 25, 1861 Charlie Holland's father in law, William Ryles, enlisted in E Company, 26 th Infantry Regiment "Faulk Invincibles" in Twiggs County, Georgia. This regiment served with the Army of Northern Virginia and on July 3rd, 1863 William was "wounded thru the right shoulder" at the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. He survived and with the remnants of his regiment surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia with Robert E. Lee on April 9, 1865. Charlie and Thurlis had ten children listed in the next generation

10-EFFIE JACKSON HOLLAND- Born July 8, 1874 in Wilkinson County, Georgia and died December 8, 1952 in Baldwin County, Georgia. She married Bartow A. Adams January 3rd, 1893. Bartow was born August 22, 1874 and died August 29, 1951.He was the twin brother of Robert Adams who married Effie's sister, Lula. Bartow and Effie are buried at the Union Hill Methodist Church yard in Baldwin County, Georgia. They had eight children listed in the next generation.

Generation 3 continued
Children of William G. Holland and Rebecca Wheeler

1-JOHN W. HOLLAND- Born 1856, Wilkinson County, Georgia and died 1896 in Laurens County, Georgia. On February 25, 1877 he married Eugenia(Lou) Hooks, the daughter of John Hooks and Almedia Etheridge. John W. Holland was in the turpentine business and died a tragic death when a burning tree pinned him to the ground and he burned to death. After the death of John W., Lou Hooks Holland remarried CT. Boatwright and when her children were grown, moved to the Lake Lucy area of Lake County, Florida. John W and Lou Hooks had five children listed in the next generation.

2-IRENA D. HOLLAND- Born March 16, 1857, Wilkinson County, Ga. and died October 18, 1912 in Smith County, Texas. She is buried at the Starville Cemetery in Smith County. She married John Franklin Farmer, the son of John Farmer and Mahala Smith in Wilkinson County, Georgia about 1872. John was born February 19, 1849 in Wilkinson County and died March 30, 1943 in Wood County, Texas at the age of 94.John is buried in Starville Cemetery in Smith County, Texas. This family lived in Wilkinson County for sometime but moved to Texas about 1890.

3-HOPE A. (Annie) HOLLAND- Born April 6, 1860, Wilkinson County, Georgia died November 4, 1918. She married Joseph Walter Kingery on December 18t h, 1879 in Wilkinson County. Joseph was born October 24, 1861 and died March 14, 1925 in Wilkinson County. Annie and Joseph are buried at Mt. Carmel Church Cemetery in Wilkinson County.

Joseph Kingery was the son of Abraham Thomas Kingery and Amelia(Millie) Lord. Abraham served in K Company, 57th Regiment, Wilkinson Guards, was captured at Battle of Vicksburg in 1863, released and surrendered at Greensboro, North Carolina in 1865 after "having his left hand shot off". Abraham died October 23, 1923 and is buried in the Fairchild -Lord Cemetery in Wilkinson County. He has a Confederate marker on his grave. Hope and Joseph Kingery had seven children not listed.

4- BARTON HOLLAND- Born July 21, 1861 in Wilkinson County, Georgia, and died September 29, 1943. Barton was born after his father William G.'s Confederate unit had been deployed to Virginia in April, 1861. After the death of his father, William G., his mother Rebecca Wheeler married William McCullar in 1866. For whatever reason Barton moved in with William McCullar's father, John McCullar, and was living with him in 1880 at the age of 19 as a farm laborer.

Barton married Abigail McCullar, the youngest sister of
William McCullar who married Rebecca Wheeler Holland after the death of her first husband. Abigail was born August 5, 1857 and died August 21, 1926. Both Barton and Abigail are buried at Mount Carmel Church Cemetery in Wilkinson County, Georgia. Barton and Abigail had three children, Annie, who died at 1 year, Mamie, who died at six months and Joseph who died at the age of two. All three are buried in the same plot with their parents.

Generation 3 continued
Child of Alexander Pinkney Holland and Carolyn (Carrie) Tatum.

1-WILEY PINKNEY HOLLAND- My grandfather, an ONLY child, was born July 14th, 1863 in Atlanta, Georgia where his father, Alexander Pinkney Holland, was serving in the Confederate army and died January 25, 1945 in Ware County, Georgia. He married Alma Blanche(Allie) Bell in 1885 at the home of her father Robert Augustus Bell in Webster County, Georgia. Allie Bell Holland was born February 11, 1867 in Webster County, Georgia and died May 9th, 1944 in Ware County, Georgia.

She was the daughter of Robert Augustus (R.A .) Bell and Martha Ann Whaley. R.A. Bell had been a corporal in A Company, 17th Georgia Infantry and surrendered at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.Allie Bell Holland had two uncles who served in the same Confederate unit with her father, and both were killed in Northern Virginia during the war.

Wiley Pinkney was a master craftsman according to his son and built the desks in the private school his children attended. He also built a house for his uncle, Reason Bell, and when it was completed, Wiley gave his uncle 25cents because he said he ruined one board. Wiley and his wife moved to Texas twice staying with his uncle Wiley J in Upshur County Once in 1887 for two years and again in.1893 till 1895.

On his last trip to Texas, a rancher tried to sell him 100 acres of land for $1000.According to my father, Wiley Pinkney told the rancher he "wouldn't buy it on a drunk." He promptly packed up and returned to Georgia. One of the jobs Wiley had in his first trip to Texas was breaking wild horses.

He returned to Georgia after both trips to Texas and settled in the Gordy Community of Worth County, Georgia around 1896. Most of his wife's family had moved from Webster to Worth County in the late 1880. According to my father, Wiley was a big man, about 5'11" tall and weighed 230 pounds. My father said Wiley would "give someone the shirt off his back, but he gave no quarter and would take none."

Around 1912, Wiley became involved in a political argument with Ed Nelms, his wife's brother in law. One lick was passed and Ed went down on both knees. My father remembers seeing Ed face down in his buggy, legs dangling out the side while trying to steer the horse. Around 1915, Wiley bought a farm for his daughter, Mamie Lee, and her husband in Decatur County, Georgia which she repaid from her earnings as a school teacher.

In 1920 Wiley moved his family (I believe to escape his in-laws) to Ware County, Georgia where he owned a combination farm/turpentine business. He also owned a commissary store which supplied goods to the families that lived on his property and worked for him. Wiley was a close friend and political confidant of Georgia Governor Eugene Talmadge. Both Wiley and his wife Allie are buried at New Bethel Church Cemetery in Worth County.

Allie Bell Holland's first cousin was Reason Chestnut Bell who served as Associate and Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court. Judge Bell's son, Vereen, was a noted author and his novel "Swamp Water" was made into a movie in 1941. Vereen was a Naval Intelligence Officer in the Second World War and died at sea in the second battle of the Phillipines in 1944.

Generation 3 continued
Children of James E. Holland and Sarah Branan

1-WILEY ALFRED HOLLAND- Born 1866, Wilkinson County, Georgia, date of death unknown. Wiley was named after both his grandfathers, Wiley Thomas Holland and Alfred Branan. In 1880, Wiley was living with his father in Wilkinson County, Georgia and listed as a farm laborer. About 1888, Wiley and his brother, Joseph L. moved to Texas. Descendants of James E Holland said Wiley Alfred and his brother, Joseph L. were killed in a boiler explosion n Texas.

2-JOSEPH L. HOLLAND- Born 1868 in Wilkinson County, Georgia. Joseph was named after his Uncle Joseph Holland who was killed in the Civil War. In 1880 he was living with his father in Wilkinson County, Georgia and listed as a farm laborer. He moved to Texas with his brother, Wiley and according to family oral history,he was killed in Texas with his brother Wiley Alfred in the boiler explosion. There is no record of a marriage

3-MARY FRANCES HOLLAND-Born 1870 in Wilkinson County, Georgia. Mary was named after a maternal great aunt, Mary Branan and her grandmother, Frances McKenzie Holland. In 1880 she was living with her father in Wilkinson County, Ga. and there is no further record.

4-WINEY I HOLLAND- Born 1872 in Wilkinson County, Ga. Winey was named after her maternal great aunt, Winifred Branan. In 1880 she was living with her father in Wilkinson County, Ga. No further record

5-HENRY JEFFERSON HOLLAND, Born September 30, 1873 in Wilkinson County, Georgia and died 1941 in Bartow, Polk County, Florida. Henry was about 12 years old when his father left Henry and his siblings with James' mother, Frances, and went to Texas. In 1890, at the age of 16 Henry moved to Tift County, Georgia and worked in a sawmill. He married Minerva Elizabeth Baker whose father was the first Sheriff of Tift County. Minerva was born in 1885 and died in 1959.

Henry and Minerva had five children born in Tift County and they moved to Polk County, Florida about 1912. Three more sons were born in Polk. In 1917 all men born between 1870 and 1900 were required to register for the military draft. Henry's draft card shows he was 43 years old, medium height, slender build, with blue eyes. It lists him as a sawmill supervisor in Bartow, Florida. He was later a supervisor at a phosphate mine. Henry and Minerva are buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Bartow, Florida. They had six sons and two daughters listed in the next generation

Generation 3 continued
1-HALLIE LEE HOLLAND- Born 1873,Wilkinson County, Ga. died 1879,Upshur County, Texas at the age of 6. Buried at Chilton Cemetery, Upshur County, Texas in plot with her father and mother, Mary

2-KATE A.HOLLAND-Born November, 1879 in Upshur County, Texas. No further in formation on her.

3-SAMUEL JESSE HOLLAND- Born Upshur County, Texas 1881, died 1888 at the age of 7, buried at Chilton Cemetery in Upshur County in plot with his parents. Samuel was named for two of his father's brothers.

4-R. JEFFERSON HOLLAND- Born October, 1883, Upshur County, Texas. In 1900 he was working in Upshur County as a farm laborer. No further information

5-RUBY MAMIE HOLLAND- Born January 14,1886, Upshur County, Texas and died November 19,1959 in Wichita Falls, Texas. She married James Nelson Prothro October 14, 1909 in Upshur County. James Prothro was born August 2 6, 1878 in Gregg County, Texas and died May 14th, 1963 in Dallas. He was an insurance agent. Ruby and James Nelson had a son, Charles Nelson Prothro, born 14 August 1918 and died March 5, 2001 in Wichita Falls, Texas

6-WILEY SAMUEL HOLLAND-Born 1888 Upshur County, Texas, died in 1888. Buried in Chilton Cemetery, Upshur County, Texas in plot with parents.

Generation 3 contiuned

1-MATTIE E.HOLLAND- Born August 6th, 1879 in Perry, Houston County, Georgia. Mattie was eleven years old when her father died in 1890 and her mother was appointed as guardian with a security bond of $2400 posted March 22, 1890 by EL Dennard and RL Easom. Mattie married a man named Dane but by 1920 he had either died or they were separated. In 1920 and 1930, Mattie and her child Nava Dane were living with her mother Annie Eason Holland in Cordele, Georgia

2-WILEY E HOLLAND- Born 1881 in Perry, Houston County, Georgia. Wiley died young and in 1889 David and Annie had another son they named Wiley Eason Holland.

3-CLARA ADA HOLLAND- Born 1882 in Houston County, Georgia and died in 1883 at the age of ten months. The local paper in Perry, Georgia dated February 1,1883 stated "Last Friday, death entered the household of Mr. And Mrs D.W.Holland in Perry and claimed their youngest daughter Clara Ada, 9 months and 16 days old. Burial at Evergreen Cemetery in Perry."

4-WILEY EASON HOLLAND- Born May 5th, 1889 in Houston County. According to his 1917 military draft record he was single and worked as a butcher. It also shows he had a deformed right hand. He married Estelle Cason about 1920. In 1920 he, his wife and daughter Melvalita were living with Eason's mother in Cordele, Georgia. In 1930 he, his wife and two children were still living with Fannie Holland in Cordele, Georgia

Generation 3 continued

1-MINNIE JANE HOLLAND- Minnie was born January 24, 1875 in Wilkinson County, Georgia and died March 26,1937 in Treutlen County (Soperton) Georgia. She married Benjamin Washington Sammons on October 18, 1891. Benjamin was born July 13, 1873 in Glascock County and died March 7, 1940 in Treutlen County, Georgia. By 1930 Minnie's mother, Susan, was living with them in Treutlen County. Did not research Sammons line.

2-LUTHER MARTIN HOLLAND- Luther was born March 31, 1879 in Wilkinson County and died March 4, 1952 in the Passmore District of Wilkinson County, Georgia. He never left Wilkinson County and on December 9, 1905 married Evie H Brack. Evie was born in 1880 and died in 1956.Luther and Evie Brack Holland had two sons, Leon Holland, born 1909, died 1978; and Milber Holland, born 1915, died 1985. I could find no record of either son marrying and both are buried in the same plot with their parents at the Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery in Wilkinson County, Georgia.

Generation 3 continued


1-JOHN HOLLAND- Born 1878 in Worth County, Georgia date of death unknown. According to my father's memoirs, John married a woman named Brook, maiden name not known. My father said John and Brook moved to Jacksonville, Florida around 1910. Nothing further

2-WESLEY HOLLAND- Born 1880 in Worth County, Georgia. My father said Wesley was married but he could not remember his wife's name. Wesley and his family moved to Jacksonville around 1910 with his brother John, according to my father.

3-JESSIE HOLLAND- Born 1882 in Worth County, Georgia, date of death unknown but probably in Albany, Georgia. According to my father, Jessie never married and lived with her father, Joel, until his death in 1929. She then moved to Albany, Georgia where she taught school and tutored private piano lessons.

Generation 3 continued

1-RICHARD RYALS HOLLAND- Born July 16, 1884, Telfair County, Georgia, died March 9,1919 in Stuckey, Ga. at the age of 35. Married Martha Ann(Mattie) McDaniel April 23, 1903. Richard was an electrician and is buried at Floral Memorial Cemetery, Glenwood, Ga. Martha Ann was born April 5, 1886 and died in Dade City, Florida, June 21,1973. Richard's headstone states he was member of the Woodsmen of the World. Mattie was the daughter of Jeremiah David (JD) and Mary Caroline Morrison McDaniel.

According to the family, Richard came home from work one day in 1919 and was very sick. He called his oldest child Olga Holland, who was 14 and told her the provisions he had made for her mother, Mattie, to care for the children if he should die. He told Olga "that since she was the oldest, she was going to have to help her mother raise the other children".

Several days later Richard died at the age of 35.The cause of death was not determined. Richard's wife, Mattie, never remarried and with the help of her daughter, Olga, raised all 7 of the children by herself. She was living with her daughter Olga in Dade City, Florida when she died in 1973.

2-DAVID REESE HOLLAND, Born July 14, 1887 in Telfair County, Georgia and died January 14, 1967 in Duval County, Florida. He was living in Jacksonville, Florida when he registered for the military draft in 1917. On August 1 5, 1925, at the age of thirty eight, he married Pearl Ware in Columbia County, Florida. Pearl was born March 3, 1887 in Columbia County, Florida and died May 24, 1978 in St. Petersburg. Pearl had been married earlier to Warren Overstreet and had two children with him. David Reese and Pearl had no children of their own.

3-ZANIE HOLLAND-Born December 1893 in Telfair County, Georgia and date of death is unknown. She married Louis Thornton and was living in Tampa, Florida in 1910. No further information.

4-NELLIE HOLLAND-Born October 18, 1894 in Telfair County, Georgia and date of death is unknown. In 1910, at the age of 16, she was living in Tampa, Florida with her older sister Zanie and her husband, Louis Thornton. No further information

Generation 3 continued

1-JESSE MERCER HOLLAND JR- Jesse was born December 31, 1892 in Milledgeville, Georgia. He moved to Polk County, Florida with his father and married Frances, maiden name unknown. Jesse died June 10, 1969 and he and his wife who died December 23, 1934 are buried together in Roselawn Cemetery, lot 100, Polk County, Florida. Jesse's 1917 draft card registration describes him as tall, slender build, red hair and blue eyes. There is no record of children

2-EUGENIA HOLLAND- Born about 1894 in Milledgeville, Georgia. There is no record of her marrying and she was living at home with her father, Jesse, in 1930 at the age of 36 in Polk County, Florida.

2-DANIEL HOLLAND- Born October 26, 1896 in Milledgeville, Georgia .When he registered for the draft in 1917, he was living in Port Tampa, Florida. There are no further records.

3- FRANCES HOLLAND- Born about 1897 in Milledgeville, Georgia. She married a man with the last name Fisher. No further records.

Generation 4

1-CONIE BELLE HOLLAND- Born in Jacksonville, Florida September.19, 1903 and died Dec. 29,1984. She married George Wagner. Conie and George had two children:
a-Catherine Elizabeth Wagner- Born January 1, 1923 in Jacksonville,
Georida. She was murdered 13 MAY 1945 in Jacksonville
b-Leona T. Wagner-Born June 19, 1930 in Jacksonville, Florida. He
died February 28, 1968 in Jacksonville in an automobile accident

2-THOMAS WILEY HOLLAND-Born November 11,1906 in Georgia, died September 14, 1973 in Jacksonville, Florida of cancer. Thomas married Julia Shadd. As a young man Thomas financially supported his mother and his six siblings by hauling moonshine throughout Georgia and Florida. Thomas and Julia had one child: JANICE HOLLAND- Born about 1930 in Jacksonville, Florida. She married Rod Williams and lives in Alabama. They had a daughter, Ashley Williams

3-JOSEPH JOHN HOLLAND- Born March 17, 1906 in Hubbard, Texas, was killed June 6, 1968 in Jacksonville, Florida after being hit by a truck. He married Mary (last name unknown) an orphan from Maryland who he had met while she was working at a traveling circus. Mary died in Jacksonville, Florida in 1986. No known children

4-WALLACE DELMAR(JERRY) HOLLAND- Born Aug.19,1911 in Hubbard, Texas. Died January 13, 1969 in Jacksonville, Florida of lung cancer. Married Mary. No known children

5-ANNA ELIZABETH HOLLAND-Born April 16, 1915 in Jacksonville, Florida, died August 1,1985 in Cleveland, Ohio as a result of complications from stomach cancer. Anna was raised by her mother and first married Buff Bufkin. She and Buff divorced and Anna moved to Cedar Point, Ohio where she met her second husband, Louis Hughes. Louis' father, Andrew Huya, had migrated from Austria and Louis was born May 12, 1918 in Crossingville, Pennsylvania.

Louis had his last name legally changed to Hughes and worked as a merchant seaman before joining the Army Air Corps during the Second World War. After his marriage to Anna, they moved to Maple Heights, Ohio where he owned the Ajax Cooling & Heating Company which he operated until h is death on October 23, 1980 from multiple myloma. In reflecting on his mother, Jerry Hughes said he never heard her say a bad thing about anyone. Anna and Louis had two children.

6-WALTER ANTHONY HOLLAND- Born Sept. 29, 1919 in Jacksonville, Florida and died May 6, 1976 in Jacksonville from cancer. Walter married Norma Talmadge Wilson in Georgia July 3, 1947.Walter was stricken with polio at the age of nine. At the age of fifteen Walter had been unsuccessful in finding work to help support the family due to his physical condition.

The only way he could make a living for himself and also help support his mother was to work with his older brother, Thomas Wiley, hauling moonshine. Walter's daughter says there are many interesting stories of these two brothers riding the roads of Georgia and Florida.. Walter and Norma had six children listed in the next generation

7-MARY HOLLAND- Born 1923 in Jacksonville, Florida. She married Art Smith whom she later divorced and married Frank Sakamoto.

Generation 4 continued


1-CHARLES IVERSON ADAMS- Born Feb. 2, 1881 in Baldwin County, Georgia and died November 22, 1950.Buried at Union Hill Methodist Cemetery, Baldwin in County, Georgia. Nothing further
2-MATTIE BELL ADAMS- Born July 10, 1884 in Baldwin County, Georgia. nothing further
3-ROBERT FRANKLIN ADAMS 111-Born Oct. 31, 1885 in Baldwin County, Georgia. He married Agnes Hancock. Nothing further
4-EMMA ELIZABETH ADAMS- Born June 25, 1887 in Baldwin County, Georgia. He married a Mixon. Nothing further
5-LULA ESTELLE ADAMS- Born March 18, 1889, Baldwin County, nothing further
6-SIDNEY PEARL ADAMS-Born Feb 2, 1891, Baldwin County. nothing further
7-GROVER JACKSON ADAMS- Born Aug.14, 1892 Baldwin County and died June 19, 1951. He married Mary Lena Calloway. Mary Lena was born January 9, 1906 a nd died July 2, 1954. Both are buried at Westview Cemetery in Baldwin Coun ty, Georgia. Nothing further
8-HATTIE GERTRUDE ADAMS- Born Jan 11,1895 in Baldwin County and died Jan 7 ,1969. Never married. She is buried in Westview Cemetery, Baldwin County y, Georgia
9-BESSIE IRENE ADAMS- Born Oct.24, 1899 in Baldwin County. She married Valda Wade Burton. No further records
10-JAMES ROY ADAMS- Born Sept.28, 1900 in Baldwin County, He was either killed in a buggy accident or a fight in 1918. Buried at Union Hill Cemetery, Baldwin County.
11-OLLIE IDELLE ADAMS- Born March 30,1901 in Baldwin County. She married Robert Stevens. No further records

Generation 4 continued
Children of Charlie C Holland and Thurlis Lyles

1-WALTER JACKSON HOLLAND-Born November 18, 1895 in Laurens County, Georgia and died May 9, 1975. Married Annie Myrtle Webster December 2, 1917. She was born February 20, 1898 and died April 22, 1950. Eight children in next generation.

2-SIDNEY EUGENE HOLLAND-Born Laurens County, Georgia August 20, 1897 and died January 13, 1901, age 13

3-ANNIE BELLE HOLLAND-Born Lauresn County February 8, 1899 and died March12, 1990 in Beckleyele(?) Georgia. She married George Shafter Raffield November 3, 1923. George was born May 22, 1888 in Wilkinson County, Georgia and died September 25, 1975 in Laurens County. They had four children bur I am, not listing them
4-LILLIE GLADES HOLLAND-Born October 23, 1900 in Laurens County and died November 20, 1998 in Bibb County. She married James Richard Reese June 25, 1936. James was born January 8, 1905 in Cochran County, Georgia and died December 18, 1961 in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. Lillie and James are buried at Avondale Baptist Church in Macon. They had no children.
5-CHARLES ERNEST HOLLAND-Born March 22, 1904 in Dublin, Laurens County, Georgia and died October 30, 1984 in Haines City, Polk County, Florida. He married Bernice Elvira Rickard March 18, 1932 in Kissimmee, Florida. Bernice was born April 30, 1915 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska and died October 2, 1985 in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida. Charles and Bernice are buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Haines City, Florida. They had 4 children listed in the next generation.
6-WILLIAM DAVID HOLLAND- Born February 23, 1906 in Dublin, Georgia and died October 10, 1907, in Dublin
7-BESSIE LEE HOLLAND-Born February 14, 1908 in Laurens County, Georgia and died June 7, 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. She married Charles McCoy Curry March 5, 1944. Charles was born February 16, 1914 and died March 24, 1982 in Dekalb County, Georgia. They had four children but are not listed
8-LUCILLA HOLLAND-Born In Laurens County, Georgia September 8, 1910 and died May 1, 1974 in Dublin, Laurens County. She married William Taliferro Smith January 6, 1935. William was born November 21, 1911 and died May 20, 1988 in Dublin. They had two children not listed in the next generation.
9-MARY VIOLA HOLLAND-Born Laurens County, Georgia August 4, 1914 and died February 16, 1995 in Douglas, Coffee County, Georgia. She married Albe Benjamin Walton June 29, 1940.Albe was born October 16, 1914 and died July 4, 2008 in Anderson County, South Carolina. Three children
10-HUGH REGINALD HOLLAND-Born June 26, 1922 in Dublin, Georgia and died March 7, 1993 in Lilesville. South Carolina. Hugh married Willie Ruth McGee April 15, 1949. Willie was born June 9, 1929 and died February 11, 2008 in Lilesville, South Carolina.
Generation 4 continued

1-BENJAMIN IVERSON ADAMS- Born December 15, 1889 in Baldwin County and died August 21, 1952. He married Corrie. No further records

2-ROBERT LEONARD ADAMS- Born December 2,1892 in Baldwin County, Georgia and died February 26, 1963. Married Alma Gertrude Ryles about 1911 and married second Lennie Mexico Beck. Lennie was born March 18, 1910 and died March 12, 1998. Robert was a guard at the Georgia State Prison in Reidsville and later a guard at the state asylum in Milledgeville. She and Robert are buried at Oak Grove Methodist Churchyard in Baldwin County, Georgia. Robert and Alma Ryles had four children listed in next generation

3-WILLIAM J ADAMS- Born about 1893, Baldwin County, Ga. Married Annie Leo la Ryle, sister of Gertrude who married Robert Leonard Adams. William a nd Annie are buried in Union Hill Methodist Church Cemetery. Nothing further

4-EFFIE IRENE ADAMS- Born November 1894,Baldwin County, Ga. Effie married Scovin Preston and had two children, William Thomas and Frances Preston .

5-ANNIE MAE ADAMS- Born about 1899, Baldwin County, Ga. married Jack Pruitt .

6-LULA LEE ADAMS- Born about 1902 in Baldwin County, Ga. Married Thomas Minton Allen Sr. about 1920 in Milledgeville, Georgia Lula died in childbirth 1934

7-MERRITT ALBERT ADAMS- Born May 7,1907, Baldwin County died June 5,198 3. Married Mavis, the sister of Benjamin Adams wife Corrie. Nothing further

8-BARTOW ADAMS JR.- Born May25, 1909, Baldwin County died August 197 1. He married Alstean Jones and they had one daughter, Joyce, who was killed in a car accident.

Generation 4 continued

1-ALLIE HOLLAND- Born 1878, died 1906, Laurens County. Married a Johnson. No further information

2-JOHN WILLIE (WILL) HOLLAND- Born 1885, died 1951 in Laurens County, Georgia. Will married Sallie Garnto. He was only eleven years old when his father hr was tragically killed. His mother, Lou Hooks remarried C.T."Ceb"Boatwright and according to the family he proved to be a good step-father. After Will was grown his mother and Ceb Boatwright moved to Florida and settled in the Lake Lucy area of Lake County.

Will remained in Laurens County and was a farmer/carpenter. He was described as being jovial, believing in hard work, loving to sing and being a Christian. After the death of his wife, Sallie, Will married her oldest sister, Virginia May Garnto(Aunt Ninnie). Will and Ninnie had one son, David Quillian Holland. Ninnie lived to be 96 years old. John Willis and Sallie Garnto had five children listed below

1-AZILENE EUGENIA HOLLAND- Born in Laurens County, Georgia October 25, 190 7. She married Terrell Joe Moody on May 14, 1929. They had two children
2-ANNIE LEE HOLLAND- Born 1910 Laurens County, Georgia. Nothing futher
3-JOHN EDISON HOLLAND- Born 1915, Laurens County, Georgia. Nothing further
4-WILLIS V.HOLLAND- Born October 20, 1917 in Laurens County, Georgia, died April 23, 2000. Willis was the fraternal twin of Thomas Ellis. He had one daughter, Sally
5-THOMAS ELLIS HOLLAND- Born October 20, 1917 in Laurens County, Georgia and was the twin to Willis V.Holland.

3-EULA LEE HOLLAND- Born about 1887 no information other than she died in Wheeler County, Georgia

4-JOHN EDD HOLLAND- Born about 1890. John Ed moved with his mother and step father to Lake County, Florida, married Mamie McKensie and had one child, a daughter, who died young. No further information

5-LADA HOLLAND- Born about 1892 moved to Lake County, Florida with her mother and step father. She married a Tompkins with whom she had a son named Lamar Tompkins.. She married a second time and had a son named Brice McEwen. No further information

Generation 4 continued
Children of Wiley Pinkney Holland Alma Blanch Bell-

1-CLIFFORD DEVON HOLLAND- My Uncle Clifford was born 1889 in Texas and died 1869 in Georgia. Clifford suffered all his life from encephalitis which he contracted as a boy. He married Wylene Moreland about 1914 in Alabama. In 1930 he and his family lived next door to his father, Wiley Pinkney, in Ware County, Georgia.

Clifford and his wife separated about 1934 and his wife moved to Texas with the children. Clifford tried various business ventures, including selling bibles, with little success due to his childhood health problems. My father assisted him financially for the remainder of his life.

2-MAMIE LEE HOLLAND-Born April 16, 1891 in Worth County, Georgia and died in childbirth November 22, 1923 at the ager of 32 in Decatur County, Georgia. She married Frank Griner about 1912. She was a school teacher, a crack shot with a rifle and an accomplished piano player according to her brother, my father. An escaped convict attempted to break into her house about 1917 and she shot him in the leg. Her father, Wiley Pinkney Holland had bought a farm for her and her husband in Decatur County, Georgia. She repaid the $1200 from her teacher's salary

3-ROY ALEXANDER HOLLAND-Born April 5, 1896, probably in Texas and died November 2, 1916 in Worth County, Georgia. He died during the National flu epidemic and is buried at New Bethel Church Cemetery, Worth County, Georgia He was twenty years old and never married.

4-WILEY JULIAN HOLLAND SR .-MY FATHER was born May 16, 1903 in the Gordy community of Worth County, Georgia and died November 12, 1982 in Thomasville Georgia. He is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville next to his wife, Carol. He married Carol Cannon in Waycross, Georgia in 1927. Julian worked as an engineer for the Southern Bell Telephone Company for 42 years, retiring in 1965 and also owned a farming operation outside Thomasville, Georgia.

My father met my mother while both were working at the telephone office in Waycross, Georgia. She was a telephone operator when the switchboards were about 75 yards long. The supervisors wore skates and skated behind the line of operators. My father worked behind the switchboard maintaining the system.

About every ten yards, there was an opening in the board in order for the maintenance men to talk to the operators about their technical problems. My mother's chair was adjacent to one of the openings and she and my father flirted more than they discussed technical problems. She was 17 when they married and he was 24.

In 1941 when the Second World War began, he was 38 and exempted from service because of the critical nature of his job and his age. Based in Thomasville, Georgia at this time, he provided assistance to the U.S. Army Signal Corps in maintaining communications between the military bases in South Georgia and North Florida. He was an expert at Morse Code and was known throughout his career as H.O., his call sign

After the war, Julian helped supervise the installation of the communication system at the underground Civil Defense facility in Thomasville, Georgia, now part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Because everything was rationed during the War, my father decided to raise some turkeys in the back yard, both for his family and also to sell. He erected a wire fence around the yard and bought 15 hens and two toms(males). Two weeks after buying the turkeys, we had a prolonged rainfall. Being the dumb fowls they were, they all kept looking up and every one of them drowned. The family and the neighbors ate turkey for a while.

Julian served as a consultant to the White House Office of Communications in maintaining communications when President Eisenhower visited Thomasville on several occasions for hunting and golfing vacations in the 1950 s. After retirement from Southern Bell, he served as a consultant to an Independent telephone company in Georgia.

Julian owned a summer home in Young Harris, Georgia and while there, attended Young Harris College and at the age of 68, received an associate degree in divinity. Much to the chagrin of his wife, he walked on stage with his cap and gown and received his degree along with the other graduates whose average age was 20.

He was an active Royal Arch Freemason and his wife Carol was in the Eastern Star. Carol Cannon Holland was born August 10, 1910 in Waycross, Georgia and died April 9, 1980 in Thomasville, Georgia. She was the daughter of Seba Elbert Cannon of Horry County, South Carolina and Nettie Carol Cason of Waycross, Georgia. Seba was a veteran of the Spanish American War, serving in Cuba. After Seba's discharge from the army, he moved to Waycross, Georgia with the railroad where he met and married my grandmother.

Generation 4 continued
Children of Henry Jefferson Holland and Minerva Baker

1-SAMUEL ARTHUR HOLLAND- Born September 26, 1902 in Tift County, Georgia, died in Orlando, Fla. February, 1962. Samuel was named after two of his grandfather's brothers, Samuel and Arthur Holland. He was exempt from service in World War 2 because of his age. He owned Holland Citrus Groves in Polk County and was a cattleman as well as an athlete. He married Pearl Dean who was born August 14, 1902 and died in 1959. She was an elementary school teacher. Samuel and Pearl are buried in Wildwood Cemetery. Samuel and Pearl had one daughter listed in the next generation.

2-VERNA CHARLIE HOLLAND- Born September 9, 1904 in Tift County, Georgia and died March 21, 1985 in Orange County Florida. Verna graduated from Florida Southern College and was a school teacher. She married Lindsy Thomas Finney, born November 19, 1898 and died 1932. He is buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Bartow, Florida. They had no children. After Lindys' death, Verna lived the remainder of her life with her sister and brother in law, Wallace and Louise Champneys in Apopka, Florida. She taught elementary school for many years and is buried in the Edgewood Cemetery in Apopka, Florida.

3-SARAH LOUISE HOLLAND- Born March 27, 1906 in Tift County, Georgia and died in 1989. She attended Rollins College and was a homemaker. She married Wallace Topp Champneys who was born October 5, 1909 and died in 1986. Wallace graduated from Rollins College and was a nurseryman. They lived in Apopka, Florida where he supplied most of the Orlando area with azaleas and camellias. Louise and Wallace had no children and both are buried in the Edgewood Cemetery, Apopka.

4-JEFFERSON WESLEY HOLLAND-Born October 15, 1908 in Tift County, Georgia and died June 1967 in Polk County, Florida. He married Virginia Hicks, born June 23, 1913 and died 2001. J.W. was a partner in Holland Brothers Construction which performed work at Cape Canaveral. He was also a land developer and cattleman.

During World War 11, J.W. was a Captain in the Army Air Corps and served as a navigator aboard C-46 cargo planes based in India. They flew badly needed supplies across the Himalaya Mountains to Allied forces in China. The crewmen called it "Flying the Hump". Hundreds of aircraft were lost due to high altitude, bad weather and hostile Japanese aircraft. J.W. and Virginia are buried in Wildwood Cemetery in Bartow, Florida. Jefferson and Virginia had three children listed in the next generation.

5-ALFRED ELTON HOLLAND-Born November 13, 1911 in Tift County and died January 5, 1994 in Bartow, Florida. He married Abbie Lyle, born March 4, 19 13 and died in 2000. During World War 11, Elton served as a Captain in the Army Air Corps training pilots at Scott Field in Illinois. After the war, he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserve and director of flight instruction for Garner Aviation based at the Bartow, Florida Air Base. He later became a partner in Holland Brothers Construction Company. His wife, Abbie, was a graduate of Florida State College for Women and Emory University. She was a librarian. Abbie and Elton are buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Bartow, Florida. Alfred and Abbie had four children listed in the next generation.

6-CAROL FAY HOLLAND-Born January 27, 1914 in Polk County, Florida, died at the age of three. He is buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Bartow.

7- WILLARD IRL HOLLAND-Born May 20, 1917 in Polk County, Florida and died in 2002. He married Myrtle Allen, born March 8, 1924. Irl was a combat veteran of World War 11 serving in the army during the North Africa and Italian campaigns. He was a partner in Holland Brothers Construction Company and an avid fisherman. Irl is buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Bartow. Myrtle is a homemaker and lives in Lake Wales, Florida. Willard and Myrtle had 3 children listed in the next generation

8-WILEY CARL HOLLAND- Born March 12, 1919 in Polk County, Florida and died in 1984. Carl was a graduate of the University of Florida, where he played baseball, and of the Veterinary school at Auburn University. He practiced veterinary medicine in Gainesville, Florida. During World War 11, Carl was a pilot in the Army Air Corp based in England. These bomber units were flying day time raids over Germany and sustaining great losses. He married Helen Anderson, born October 11, 1919. She is a graduate of Florida State College for Women and worked as a teacher. Carl is buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Bartow and Helen lives in Bartow. Wiley and Helen had two sons.

Generation 4 continued

1-OLGA LEE HOLLAND- Born June 5, 1904, in Stuckey, Georgia. Died December 25, 1993 in Stanton, Tennessee and is buried in the Floral Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Dade City, Florida. Olga married Malcolm Olney Currie who was born in Georgia April 10, 1899. He died September 18, 1964 and is buried at Floral Memorial Gardens in Dade City, Florida with his wife Olga.

She had one child MALCOLM LEE CURRIE- Born August 10,1927 and died August 22,1964 He is buried at Floral Memorial Gardens in Dade City, Florida. He married Violet Beadell on November 7, 1954. Violet was born in England July 19, 1923. Malcolm was killed at the age of 37 when a large piece of machinery fell on him at work. No children

2-OSCAR FRANK HOLLAND- Born October 9, 1906, in Stuckey, Georgia. He was accidentally electrocuted and died June 23, 1932 at the age of 26. He married Winona Gene Adams who was born February 19, 1910. Oscar and Winona had one child listed in the next generation.

3- IRA DAVID HOLLAND- Born May 22,1908 in Stuckey, Georgia and died August 15, 1993.On September 11, 1937 he married Mary Prudence McCullough. Mary was born April 11, 1907 and died October 15, 1994. Ira David and Mary had two children listed in the next generation.

4- WEALON ANGELO HOLLAND- Born May 9,1910 in Stuckey Georgia and died February 1994 in New Hampshire. Wealon married Gertrude Hickey and they had no children. Gertrude was born September 19, 1907 and died in1985.

5- NANNIE CAROLINE (NAN) HOLLAND- Born December 26, 1912 in Stuckey, Georgia and died October 5, 1993 in Union City, Tennessee. Nannie is buried at Hebron Cemetery in Stanton, Tennessee. She was a nurse and married Herbert Snell(Andy)

6-Hulbert Reese Holland- Born August 14, 1915 in Stuckey, Georgia

7-Richard Ryals Holland Jr.- Born June 15, 1919 in Stuckey, Georgia and died June 19, 1999 in Bonham, Texas. He married Edna Swaggerty. They had two children:
1-RICHARD RYLES(Little Richard) HOLLAND- Born July 26, 1945. Married Saund ra Lee Hodge on June 30,1967. Saundra was born December 20, 1946

2-HERBERT RUDOLPH(Rudy) HOLLAND- Born April 20, 1948 and died December 3 1, 1992.Herbert was stabbed to death following a traffic accident altercation in 1992. Herbert's son, Rodney, had not seen his dad since 1973 having lived with mother after the divorce. Rodney had just located his father and had been with him a few months when his father was killed. Rodney was with him when it happened. Herbert married three times before his death .

Generation 5
1-JOANN HOLLAND- Born April 30,1946 in Jacksonville, Florida. She married Don Smith and has two children, Lisa Ann and Darren Eugene. They live in Jacksonville.

2-WALTER A."BUBBA" HOLLAND JR.- Born April 16, 1947 in Jacksonville, Florida.. He married Shirley Forehand and they have three daughters, Laura Ann, Stephanie Lyn and Jennifer Lea. Laura has two children, Dusty and Shelby. They all live in Jacksonville.

3-PATRICIA COLLEEN HOLLAND- Born September 2, 1948 in Jacksonville, Florida. She married Wayne Youngblood and has one son, Wayne Youngblood Jr. Patricia divorced Wayne and married Jerry Faircloth. They all live in Jacksonville.

4-THOMAS WALLACE HOLLAND- Born January 13, 1952 in Jacksonville, Florida. He married Audrey Bell and they have two children, Melissa Ann and Michael Thomas Holland, all residing in Jacksonville.

5-MARY ELAINE HOLLAND (SWEETY)- Born August 3, 1959 in Jacksonville, Florida. She married Robert Taylor and lives in Jacksonville.

6-TERRY LYN HOLLAND- Born October 20, 1962 in Jacksonville, Florida. She married Kerry Boatwright and has a son, Kerry D. Jr. Terry divorced Kerry and lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Generation 5 continued
Children of Walter Jackson Holland and Annie Myrtle Webster

1-IONA EDITH HOLLAND- Born September 18, 1918 in Georgia and died April 1, 1982 in Grenville, Colorado. She married Jewell Richard Cecil June 30,1854.Jewell was born August 28, 1918 in Denver, Colorado and died July 13, 2000 in Denver. They had two children.
1-Walter Claude Cecil-Born August 12 1956 in
Colorado. Married Pamela Jane Bjork July 1976.
Pamela was born August 26, 1956
2-Paul Lee Cecil-Born June 3, 1959 in Colorado

2-WILLIAM JACKSON HOLLAND-Born 1919, died 1919

3-ROBERT ALVIN HOLLAND-Born June 24, 1921 in Georgia and died July 2, 1996 in Nashville, Berrien County, Georgia. He married Hazel Elaine Carson March 1943.Hazel was born February 8, 1923 and died March 9, 1968 in Berrien County, Georgia. They had three children: Deborah Holland, William Billie Holland and Edward Holland.

4-CHARLES WADE HOLLAND-Born September 19, 1923 in Georgia and lives in the Ocala, Florida area. He married Vivian Iona Felix. Vivian was born April 18, 1929 in Pennsylvania. They have four children

a-Vivien Charlene Holland-Married the first time to
Jerry Lee Nutt. divorced May 31, 1978 and married
Richard Serff April 29, 1980

b-Pamela Wade Holland-Born February 21, 1948 in
Jacksonville, Florida. Married Thomas Young in
October1969 and divorced June 3, 1974. She married
second Jack Garcia March 7, 1981. Pamela and her first
husband Thomas Young had two children: Shawn
Nichole Young and Robert Walker Young

c-Walter Steven Holland-Born July 22, 1951 in
Jacksonville, Florida. Married Rebecca Gail Huskin
and they had one child. Walter married second Brenda
Jean Peacock June 16, 1973 and they had two
Child of Walter Holland and Rebecca Gail
1-Jean Holland-Born November 18, 1970.
Married Anthony Wayne Thompson August
26, 1989 and divorced December 15, 2000. They
had three children.
a-Heather Nicole Thompson-Born August
29, 1990 in Jacksonville, Florida
b-Anthony Thompson-Born May 7, 1993
in Jacksonville, Florida
c- Wesley Thompson-Born March 12,
1999 in Jacksonville, Florida

Children of Walter and Brenda Jean Peacock
1-Stephanie Elizabeth Holland-Born March 6,
1978 in Jacksonville, Florida. She married
Giovanni Wayne Stewart, born February 14,
1978 and they had one child, Rhyse Alan
Stewart, born in Jacksonville
2-Kelly Suzzane Holland-Born September
2,1980 in Jacksonville. She married
Christopher Kevin Cook, born November 16,
1977 in Newberry, Fairfield County, South

d-Teresa Charles Wade Holland-Born July 26 1962 in
Jacksonville, Florida. No further record

5-JAMES EDGAR HOLLAND-Born December 6, 1926 in Georgia and died December 18, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia. He married Opal Nell Mixon January 22, 1949. Opal was born November 7, 1927 in Defuniak Springs, Walton County, Florida and died March 14, 1973 in Dekalb County, Georgia.
Children of James Edgar Holland and Opal Nell Mixon

a-Sandra Darnell Holland-Born December 9, 1949 in
Atlanta, Georgia. She married James Frank Collins
August 7, 1971. James was born August 11, 1943 in
Atlanta, Georgia
b-Patricia Ann Holland-Born March 9, 1951 in Fulton
County, Georgia. She married Homer Malone in 1972
in Hawaii.
c-Jimmie Neal Holland-Born September 13, 1954 in
Atlanta and married Bobby Lamar Tefft May 24,1976.
d-Russell Allan Holland-Born March 5, 1956 in Atlanta.
He married Karen White June 23, 1974.

6-MILTON DAVID HOLLAND-Born October 11, 1928 in Georgia and died April 7, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. He married Kathleen Rogers August 24, 1951. Kathleen Rogers was born June 14, 1933. Two children
1-Walter Roger Holland-BornJuly 4, 1954 in Georgia.
Married Terri Craft, born August 10, 1954. They had
three children
7-JANIE RUTH HOLLAND-Born November 24, 1930 in Georgia. Married James Christian Deen who was born August 29 and died November 2, 1983 in Waycross, Georgia. They had one child, James Christian Deen, born August 13, 1959

8-ROY HOLLAND-Born May 1935, died May 1935

Generation 5 continued
Children of Charles Ernest Holland Sr. and Bernice Elvira Rickard

1-INFANT HOLLAND-Born November 10, 1938. Died November 10, 1938. Buried Forest Hills Cemetery in Haines City, Polk County, Florida.

2-CAROL ELOISE HOLLAND-Born December 1, 1939 in Polk County, Florida She married David Orville Nugent March 18, 1961. David was born December 30, 1935 and died October 26, 2005 in Jacksonville, Florida. One child

3-CHARLES ERNEST HOLLAND Jr.-Born January 15, 1943 in Winter Haven, Florida. Married Shela Jane Russell March, 18. 1969. Shela was born July 11, 1946 in Chattanooga, Tennessee They had one child
1-Mary Elizabeth Holland-Born September 26, 1973 in
Atlanta, Georgia. She married Everitt Lee Belvin ll,
Greenville, South Carolina

4-ROY EDWARD HOLLAND-Born August 20, 1945 in Winter Haven, Florida. Married first Shirley Ann Tomlinson McNair, born November 23, 1945 November 1966. Roy and Shirley divorced January 1969. Roy married second Billie Jo McVay Roll March 18, 1971 Billie Joe was born July 17, 1943. Roy and Billie Jo had one child.

Billie Jo was married first to Lemoyne Elmer Roll, born December 1942, They have two children: Theresa Eline Roll, born August 8, 1963 in Tallahassee, Florida and lives in Denver, Colorado and Miriam Anne Roll, born June 28, 1965 in St. Lucie County, Florida. She married Gregory Jacob Delone December 20, 1986, They have one child Jacob Alexander Delone born April 18, 1995
Child of Roy Edward Holland and Billie Jo McVay
1- Lisa Diane Holland- Born December 18, 1975. She
married Jason Lee Davis who was born March 7, 1973

Generation 5 continued

1-HAZEL GRINER, born about 1913, Decatur County, Ga. Died 1920 at age 7

2-ROBERT AUGUSTUS GRINER- My uncle, born July 16, 1915 in Bainbridge, Georgia and died March 26, 1990 of lung cancer. Robert was named after his maternal great grandfather Robert Augustus Bell. Robert was a World War 11 veteran and retired after a career in the Army. During his military career, he lived in many places and spent a long tour in Anchorage, Alaska, where his daughter graduated from high school.

Robert married Doris Jones and they had two children, Barbara and Robert Jr. Robert and his wife Doris are buried in Veterans Cemetery located outside Fort Benning in Columbus Georgia where they lived after his retirement. Robert's daughter, Barbara, lives in Columbus, Georgia with her second husband, Jack Hughes and they have a son Jack Jr.

3-HOWARD FLOYD GRINER-Born October 25, 1917 in Decatur County, Georgia a nd died October 8th, 1995 in Mount Dora, Florida. Howard married Juanita Williams and they had one child, Richard Holland Griner. Howard was a World War 11 veteran and was wounded in Europe. Following the war, Howard and Juanita moved to Mount Dora, Florida where he was a field supervisor for Del Monte Foods. Howard and his wife, Juanita, are buried in the Florida National (Veterans) Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida. Howard's son, Richard, was a graduate of the University of Florida and currently lives in New York.

4-WILEY FRANK GRINER-Born January 12, 1921 in Decatur County, Ga. and lived in Lakeland, Florida with his wife, Betty Jean Thompson who he married June 1, 1946. He has now passed. Wiley was a combat veteran of World War 11, serving in the European campaigns. I asked Wiley how he and his brother Howard survived the Battle of the Bulge in December1944. His response was, "we learned to crawl fast"

Following the war, Wiley worked for the railroad and was on the road six days a week. After his daughter asked his wife who was the man who visited occasionally, Wiley changed jobs to remain closer to home. He retired in the 1970s from MacAsphalt Corporation. He assisted in the paving of the Daytona and Talladaga Speedways. Wiley's past and present favorite pastime is fishing. At the age of 83 and three knee replacements, he still climbs in and out of fishing boats. Wiley and Betty had four children.

Generation 5 continued

1-CAROLYN JEAN HOLLAND,(my oldest sister) born June 10, 1929, Waycross, Georgia. She married Oliver Reid DuPre in Thomasville, Ga. He was born in Thomasville, Ga. Sept 9, 1921 and was a Navy veteran of World War ll serving in the Pacific. Oliver died April 19, 1992 and is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Thomasville, Ga. Jean was a stellar athlete and made All-State in Girls basketball in Georgia in 1946-47. She retired from the Federal Emergency Management Agency at the Thomasville, Georgia facility. In the late 1940s when Oliver was dating my sister, he always carried a package of Juicy Fruit chewing gum to bribe me to disappear. I hastily complied. Jean passed away October 1, 2012 and is buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Thomasville, Georgia next to her husband, Oliver.

2- BARBARA JOYCE HOLLAND, (my second sister) born March 30, 1931, Waycross, Georgia, and died July 15, 1998 in Young Harris, Georgia. Joyce married Charles Sampson in Thomasville, Ga. a World War ll Army veteran. When Charles was undergoing his army physical he was two pounds less than the minimum weight requirement. He and a friend bought five pounds of bananas, sat on the curb and crammed the bananas as fast as they could. They went back inside, got on the scales and Charles made the weight requirement by one pound.

Such was the National spirit during World War 11. Joyce and Charles retired from the Southern Bell Telephone Company in Miami, Florida and retired to Young Harris, Georgia. Charles died in 2007 and both he and Joyce are buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Thomasville, Ga.

3-MARTHA ANN HOLLAND (my baby sister) born June 8, 1934, Americus, Georgia and died 2007in Young Harris, Georgia. She married Albert Parramore in Thomasville, Georgia. Albert was a farmer and dairy operator in Thomasville, Ga., He and Martha Ann moved to Young Harris, Georgia about 1970 where he continued to farm and raise cattle. Albert died in, 2003 and his remains were cremated and his ashes were scattered in a back pasture on their farm in North Georgia.

Martha Ann Holland Parramore was an active member of the Order of the Eastern Star, having joined under her father's membership in the Masons. For some years she served as the Worthy Matron. Before Martha Ann's death she owned Valley Nursery located between Young Harris and Blairsville,

4-WILEY JULIAN HOLLAND JR., (Me) Born December 30, 1939 in Thomasville, Georgia. I married Wini Southerland February 17 1962.Wini was born April 15, 1944 in Moultrie, Georgia and died August 28th, 1994 in Alexandria, Virginia of inflammatory breast cancer. Wiley lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida following his marriage in 1962. In 1970 he moved to Alexandria, Virginia where he served as the Chief of Staff for a Member of Congress. Following an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 1980 Wiley became a partner in a governmental affairs firm in Washington. Wiley is retired and lives in Alexandria, Virginia. He and Wini have five children listed in the next generation. He is the author of this book and several other papers.

Generation 5 continued


1-BETTY ANN HOLLAND-Born February 3, 1930 in Polk County, Fla. and died August 9, 1978. Betty Ann was a graduate of Florida State University where she he was May Queen and a member of the FSU circus. She was a school psychologist. She married Ray Lee Bassett, born in 1929. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and the owner of Bassett Groves and Aglime Sales Company. Betty Ann is buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Bartow and Ray lives in Babson Park, Florida.

(1)-LEE ANN BASSETT- born January 6, 1955 in Bartow, Florida. She is a graduate of the University of Florida and Rollins College. She is a homemaker, married to Daniel Lott Helmick, who was born February 24, 1955. He is University of Florida graduate and is V.P. for IFCO Systems. Lee and Dan live in Bartow, Florida

(2)-LYNN HOLLAND BASSETT- Born August 7, 1956 in Bartow, Florida. She married Alfred Elton Holland, her second cousin. Lynn was the Florida State High School women's diving champion in 1974. She is a graduate of the University of Florida with degrees in physical education. She was a member of the University of Florida diving team. She and Al live in Bartow, Florida where she is a homemaker.

(3)-LOUISE VERNA BASSETT- Born August 23, 1958 in Bartow, Florida. She is a graduate of the University of Florida majoring in therapeutic recreation. Lou works for the State Attorney's office and lives in Bartow
Generation 5 continued


1-JEFFERSON WESLEY HOLLAND JR.- Born February 6, 1943, Polk County, Fla. and died in 1998 He married first Alice Elizabeth Bach . He married second Ruth Woods, who was born January 16, 1945. Jeff is buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Bartow.

2-MARY JOANNA HOLLAND- Born April 23, 1948 in Polk County. She married Bruce Boynton, born June 19, 1946 and died in 1976 She is married to Alfonzo Victor Cancelmo who was born in1955 and lives in Babson Park, Florida.

3- SUZZANNE ELIZABETH HOLLAND- Born February 20, 1957 in Polk County. She is a nurse, and is married to Mark Adam Williams, born in1956. Mark is a graduate of the University of Florida and they live in Orange Park, Florida.

Generation 5 continued


1-HENRY LYLE HOLLAND-Born June 9, 1942 in Bartow. Lyle received a medic al degree from the University of Florida and practiced cardio-vascular med icine in Toledo, Ohio. He is retired from medicine and owns a ranch in Arkansas. He married Julia Turner of Louisiana who is a homemaker.

2-NANCY ANNA HOLLAND-Born March 11, 1944 in O'Fallon, Illinois where her father was stationed during World War 11. She is a graduate of Florida State University and works as a special education teacher. She married Donald David Pare, born in 1928 and they live in Montreal, Canada.

3-ALFRED ELTON HOLLAND JR.- Born August 27, 1947 in Bartow. Al is a University of Florida graduate and the past President of Ridge Pallets, Inc. He is a cattleman and a citrus grower. He married Lynn Holland Bassett, a second cousin, and they live in Bartow, Florida.

4-IRVINE CHAMPNEYS(Champ)HOLLAND-Born September 10,1952 in Bartow. Champ w as a collegiate swimmer at Tulane University and a graduate of Georgia Southern College. He is married to Colleen Casey who is an artist and a graduate of Florida Southern College, They live in Bartow

Chapter 5 continue


1-KATHRYN HOLLAND- Born in Polk County, Florida July 23, 1951. She is a homemaker, married to Edwin Friedlander. They live in Lake Wales, Florida.

2-REBECCA SUE HOLLAND- Born in Polk County, Florida August 31, 1953. S he is a graduate of the University of Florida and is a high school teacher. She married Robert Mark Germansky and they live in Orlando.

3-THOMAS HENRY HOLLAND- Born September 24, 1959 In Polk County, Florida. He works with the Polk County Sheriff's Department. He is married to Barbara and lives in Lake Wales, Florida.

Generation 5 continued


1-SAMUEL DELANO HOLLAND- Born April 11, 1947in Polk County. He is a Vietnam veteran, a graduate of Auburn University and is a veterinarian in Ocala, Florida. He is married to Linda English

2-CARL FRANK HOLLAND-Born November 16, 1951 in Polk County, Fla. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and is President of SunBelt Forest Products. He married Mariann Frisbie, a graduate of Florida Southern College. Mariann was born in 1959 and they live in Bartow.

Generation 6
Children of Wiley Julian Holland Jr. and Wini Southerland

1-Karen Lucinda Holland- Born October 3, 1962 in Hollywood, Florida. She is married to Jeffrey Lerner and they live in Alexandia, Virginia They have two children, Noah and Natalie

2-Julie Diane Holland- Born December 1, 1962 in Hollywood, Florida. Julie is married to John Larson and they live in Dunkirk, Maryland. They have three children: Scott, Brooke and Brandon

3-Dina Holland- Born July 28, 1965 in Hollywood, Floida. She is a Registered Nurse and lives in Lumberton, North Carolina. She has four children, Hannah, Alfred, John and Jackson

4-Wiley David Holland-Born June 21, 1967 in Thomasville, Georgia. He is married to Erica Harbert and lives in Alexandria, Virginia. He has two sons: Wiley Tucker Holland and John David Holland

5-Pamela Gaye Holland- Born April 28, 1969 in Thomasville, Georgia. She is married to Mike Fruth and lives in Fredericksburg, Virgina.She has three children: Jacob, Lindsey and Bryce.


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