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Announcement from Linda Stockdale February 27, 2013

For a limited time, Family Tree DNA is offering the basic Y-DNA 12 test for only $39, a 60% savings off the regular price.  If you have relatives that you have wanted to get tested, this is a great time to do it.  Once tested at the 12-marker level, you can always upgrade later if needed.  Family Tree DNA will store the DNA for at least 25 years, so this offers an opportunity to have someone's DNA tested for future use.


Notice from Family TreeDNA January 8, 2013:

As you may have seen in the news, a very important and exciting development for our community has recently taken place. Family Tree DNA has teamed up with MyHeritage to integrate our DNA test offerings to their international customer base of 65 million users. This represents an additional step by Family Tree DNA in expanding into new markets for the benefit of our more than 7,000 Surname and Geographic Projects.

Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage are now teaming up to offer you a unique, limited time only discount on access to more than 4 billion historical records in MyHeritage’s specialized historical records collection - SuperSearch. SuperSearch is the perfect companion to DNA for boosting your personal ancestral research.

The door now opens for our community to make use of the MyHeritage SuperSearch data collections at a significantly reduced price. The following is included in this excellent family history resource:

- More than 4 billion historical names
- One billion exclusive family tree profiles
- Birth, marriage, death and census records
- World's largest collection of historical newspapers
- Millions of tombstone photos
- Hundreds of exclusive online databases
- Millions more records added each month

Record Matching 
With this unique offer, you will also enjoy full access to MyHeritage’s Record Matching Technology at no additional cost. This is an extremely powerful feature that matches historical records to names in your family tree with no work on your part. After taking the offer below, you can automatically receive Record Matches for free. Learn more about Record Matching and see the praise this technology received from some of the world’s foremost genealogists. 

All of these features are now available to Family Tree DNA customers and friends for unlimited one year access at the special price of $69.95. This represents a savings of 42% over the regular price. Plus, you will receive two additional months for free. This offer is only available until January 8, 2013 and it is a h-u-g-e bargain compared to prices of the competitor Ancestry.com which are 4x higher.

Together, Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage represent the most advanced combination of genealogical research tools available in the market.


Notice from Holland Family DNA Project Administrator March  17, 2012:
Co-administrator Linda Stockdale has taken on the task of compiling our Holland DNA into a spreadsheet which groups the members so that you can see at a glance where matches and potential matches are.  She will send me her spreadsheet and I will post it on our Results page.  Good job Linda!

Received from Tyrone Bowes Ph.D. [tyronebowes@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 5:00 AM
To: Holland Surname Administrator
Subject: Holland DNA study and launch of Irish Origenes website

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you are the Administrator of the 'Holland' DNA study I am hoping that you will pass on the details of this new website www.irishorigenes.com  and its benefits to your members. Some of your members may suspect based of the Surnames of their genetic matches that they have Irish ancestry and so I have attached a jpeg image of the distribution of the Holland Surname throughout Ireland, an example of one of over 4,500 images available. Given that the Surnames of one's genetic matches are a snapshot of one's medieval ancestors neighbours, the websites databases can be used to pinpoint where in Ireland one's ancestors were living. The 'DNA does not lie' and to prove that one's ancestor was living in an identified area requires the DNA testing of individuals called Holland from the identified location.

My Name is Dr Tyrone Bowes http://www.irishorigenes.com/about-me and the website I have produced aims to to assist those with Irish ancestry in pinpointing where their Medieval Irish Ancestor was living using only their Y Chromosome DNA results. To accompany the launch I have produced the most comprehensive 'Clan map of Ireland' http://www.irishorigenes.com/content/free-clan-map-ireland-new-members which is available free to new members, but can also be purchased separately. The idea is simply to stick a pin on the map where your Surname occurs and pins on the Surnames of those that you genetically match to reveal your 'Genetic Homeland,' the area where your Irish/Norman ancestor first took his Surname and were his descendants lived for centuries, leaving their mark on the placenames and DNA of that areas current inhabitants.

The website contains the following:
a.. A PowerPoint slideshow on You Tube demonstrating how to interpret your DNA results http://www.irishorigenes.com/help
b.. 4,500 Surname distribution maps: showing the Surname distribution throughout the 32 Counties of Ireland, including whether it is of Native Irish, Viking, Norman, Gallowglass, or 16th Century Planter origin, and if the Surname is of Native Irish origin the number of Clans that used the Surname, and where possible the known genetically related Clans are detailed.
c.. 32 County Clan maps
d.. 32 Norman Family County maps
e.. Viking and Gallowglass Ireland maps
f.. Free Genetic genealogy consultation for those who want to order their own personalized Case Study http://www.irishorigenes.com/order-your-own-case-study
g.. A number of Irish and Scottish Case studies that can be downloaded and studied http://www.irishorigenes.com/case-studies
h.. There also some useful introductory paragraphs entitled: Surnames the Science http://www.irishorigenes.com/content/surnames-science.  The Colonization of Ireland http://irishorigenes.com/content/irish-histor  and information about the databases http://www.irishorigenes.com/content/databases.
Members will receive their clan map in the post. Membership is $39.99 for one year which allows full unlimited access to the databases, but also if there is a Surname not on the database it will be produced free of charge.


Dr Tyrone Bowes
mobile: 00 353 872561120



Notice from Family TreeDNA October  20, 2010:

We would like to inform you of a new limited-time offer available for new customers of Family Tree DNA!

Family Finder + Y-DNA12 Regular Price: $388 Introductory Price: $299
Family Finder + mtDNA Regular Price: $388 Introductory Price: $299

IMPORTANT: This pricing is only available for new customers and is available for a limited time.

This bundle will allow new customers to purchase the Family Finder test and get the Y-DNA12 or the mtDNA (HVR1) for just $10 more! Please note: we will only accept credit card payments for this bundle.

Notice from Family TreeDNA June 5, 2010:

Last summer we offered a pricing special that was the most successful offering of its type in our company history. Project administrators got behind the recruitment efforts and for those that did, their projects grew and our database grew, so we'd like to offer a summer special again.

Here are the details:

Bullet Y-DNA37 for $119 (Regular price would be $149)
Bullet Y-DNA67 for $199 (Regular price would be $239)
Bullet Y-DNA37+mtDNA for $159 (Combined test would cost $238)

Bypass the Y-DNA12 and Y-DNA25, and get the best Genealogy tests on the market!
The promotion will start June 5 and will end June 25. Kits need to be paid for by June 30, 2010.


Notice from Family TreeDNA June 8, 2009:

Dear Family Tree DNA Group Administrator,

Last summer we offered a pricing special that was the most successful offering of its kind in our company’s history. Many project administrators strongly supported our recruitment efforts and both their projects and our database grew significantly.  This year we will offer an early summer special with an unparalleled promotional discount.

Offer summary:

• Y-DNA37+mtDNA for $119. (The regular project price is $248 – a reduction of more than 50%!!)
• The promotion will begin on June 9, 2009 and will end on June 24, 2009
• Kits ordered in this sale must be paid for by June 30, 2009

This is your new members’ opportunity to skip past the Y-DNA12 and Y-DNA25 tests and get the best Y-DNA Genealogical test on the market in addition to an mtDNA test for an extremely reduced price!

I should also mention that according to one of our competitors’ method of counting markers our 37-marker test could also be called a "41-marker test" as we do test and report markers 464e, 464f, 464g, and DYS19b.  Though we test them, it is very rare that individuals have results for these markers. Therefore, by our conservative counting method, our competitor's "33-marker test" is actually a "29-marker test." We mention this to make sure that you understand the difference between these tests and are able to compare "apples to apples."

So... I hope that with this promotion your project can gain many new members.

As always, that you for your continued support.
Max Blankfeld, Vice-President, Operations and Marketing    http://www.FamilyTreeDNA.com
"History Unearthed Daily"    max@familytreedna.com      713-868-1438


Pysics.org Article: Scientists Reshape Y Chromosome Haplogroup Tree Gaining New Insights Into Human Ancestry    April 2, 2008 issue.  Thanks to Doug Faust for sending link.

Ysearch (www.ysearch.org/) is the FTDNA-sponsored public database

Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command    
A military organization called JPAC (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command) is charged with the mission of recovering the remains of MIA veterans. Once they recover the remains they are then faced with the problem of identifying them. The Central Identification Laboratory at JPAC, world's largest forensic anthropology laboratory, has some interesting information on using DNA to identify America's missing service members.   A list of Hollands they have identified is on this site's Military page. See their chart for how your DNA can help in identifying MIAs

Newsweek Article: DNA Testing: In Our Blood  Feb., 6, 2006 issue
Thanks to Sharon Mozingo Bradshaw for sending link

Note from Diana Holland Faust on 28 February 2005:
I am no longer going to post condensed versions of Facts & Genes here because it consumes a lot of bandwidth that I have to pay for, and I am not receiving enough in contributions to demonstrate interest in or desire for it.  If you are involved in this project, your already receive it in your email.  If you are interested in the project, you can read the news at the Family Tree DNA web site.

Facts & Genes December 31, 2004 Volume 3, Issue 8
Editor's Corner
In the News: Family Tree DNA Announcements

Facts & Genes December 3, 2004 Volume 3, Issue 7
In the News: Family Tree DNA Announcements
Genetic Genealogy: When to Test
Understanding Your Results: Time to the Common Ancestor
Understanding Your Results: Matching
Case Studies in Genetic Genealogy
Spot Light: Allison Surname Project

DNA Estimates Ancestry Timeline

World’s most powerful DNA genealogical tool launched

HOUSTON, November 22 - Family Tree DNA, (www.FamilyTreeDNA.com), the world
leader in Genetic Genealogy, launched today FTDNATiP, the first program
that allows two individuals who have tested their DNA and obtained the
values for specific Y-chromosome markers, to compare them and estimate the
probability, expressed in percentage values, that they shared a common
ancestor within a certain number of years.

This program, coupled with results of a mutation rate study conducted by
the University of Arizona, and presented by Family Tree DNA at the 1st
International Conference on Genetic Genealogy on Oct. 30, 2004, has
resulted in an extremely powerful new tool for genealogists. FTDNATiP
incorporates specific mutation rates that have been proven to differ
across the Y-chromosome markers, greatly increasing the power and
precision of estimates of Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA)
between two individuals.The University of Arizona mutation rate study
generated values significantly higher than those typically reported in the

These results arose from collaboration between Family Tree DNA, the
University of Arizona Genomics Analysis Techonolgy Core, which is one of
the world leading laboratories for Y-chromosome research, and one of the
world’s leading statistical geneticists, Dr. Bruce Walsh.

Since its inception, in April of 2000, Family Tree DNA has been associated
with the Genomics Analysis Techonolgy Core, led by Dr. Michael Hammer, one
of the world's foremost authorities in the field of Genetics. Having other
renowned scientists in its advisory board, Family Tree DNA is the world
leader and only organization in the field of Genetic Genealogy that has
been constantly developing the science that enables many genealogists
around the world advance their families' research, and to fill the gap
between genealogy and anthropology.


Facts & Genes Volume 3, Issue 6, October 21, 2004
In the News: Family Tree DNA Announcements
Genetic Genealogy: How safe is your DNA sample?
Recruiting Participants: Posting Announcements
Recruiting Participants: The Message
Recruiting Participants: Making Contact
Case Studies in Genetic Genealogy
Spot Light: Meates Surname Project

Family Tree DNA has created a new way to contribute money for DNA testing.  They have established a General Fund to collect and disburse money donations, and will administered it for us.  Basically, you make a contribution through Family Tree DNA and they will put your money in a General Fund earmarked for Holland Family DNA testing.  The Group Administrator tells FTDNA to which kit we should apply funds.

Contributions may be made in memory, or in honor, of a specific person.  On the ordering page there will be a form for you to specify that you want to honor a specific person with your donation.  Go to www.familytreedna.com/contribution.html for a self-explanatory page for making a contribution.

Additionally, Family Tree DNA has announced a matching gift offer until the end of

Matching Gift from Family Tree DNA: in conjunction with the launch of
the General Fund, Family Tree DNA will match dollar per dollar the
contributions to Surname Projects during the month of October, up to a
total of $200. There are 3 conditions for the use of FTDNA's matching
a) no more than $25 that has come from FTDNA can be used per test,
b) FTDNA matching gift can be used only for new kits,
c) FTDNA contributions from the matching gift need to be used before the end of this year, as they will expire on 12/31/04, whether used or not.

Family Tree DNA has launched www.Mitosearch.org, the first worldwide mtDNA public database.  More information about it can be found at http://www.ftdna.com/mtDNA_promo.asp. 


Holland Family DNA Project Administrator reminder to those who have already tested: 
Have you added your results to www.Ysearch.org, the Family Tree DNA-sponsored public database? If not yet, please go to your FTDNA personal page and on the left side you will see an explanation and a link for the upload. 

Facts & Genes from Family Tree DNA May 6, 2004 Volume 3, Issue 3

In the News: Family Tree DNA Announcements
Case Studies in Genetic Genealogy
Spot Light: Slagle Surname Project

Facts & Genes Volume 3, Issue 2, March 3, 2004
Haplogroups: What Are They And Why Are They Important?
Understanding Your Results: The Value of Multi-Copy Markers
Understanding Your Results: mtDNA Matches
Understanding Your Results: Y DNA
Y DNA Surname Projects: Public or Private
Case Studies in Genetic Genealogy
Spot Light: Braswell Surname Project


Facts & Genes Volume 3, Issue 1, January 22, 2004
In the News: Family Tree DNA Announces mtDNA Enhancements
The Year in Review: 2003
Genetic Genealogy: Predictions for the Future
Understanding Your Results: mtDNA Haplogroups
Ysearch: Entering Ancestry.com results
Case Studies in Genetic Genealogy
Spot Light: Perryman Surname Project


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