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Resources and Links

Public Database  

A free public service database and associated tools for searching and analysis are available at Ysearch.org. For those who have utilized Y DNA testing, it provides tools to enter your test results, and to search and compare your results with others. The Ysearch database offers the ability to enter results for up to 43 Markers. These 43 Markers represent those used by commercial testing companies as well as scientific laboratories.

You enter your Y DNA test results, and then a powerful set of search tools are available. For FamilyTreeDNA customers who have taken a Y DNA test, a selection will appear on your Family Tree DNA Personal Page
allowing you to upload your data to Ysearch. Simply click the Ysearch Upload selection to have your Y DNA test results entered into the Ysearch database. You can then select what additional data you would like to
enter, submit it, and then use the search and analysis tools at Ysearch.

At Ysearch you can also enter your Haplogroup, as well as perform a Haplogroup search. Ysearch also provides the ability to enter information on the progenitor, or founder, of you family tree. You can also search by
surname, surname variants, and ancestral information. Unique features of Ysearch are the Genetic Distance Reports as well as the YseachCompare, a tool that allows you to compare side-by-side different results.

Ysearch is a resource for genealogists to find others who have utilized DNA testing. To enter your results at Ysearch, either click on Upload to Ysearch on your Family Tree DNA Personal Page, or go to Ysearch.org.


In you would like to learn more about DNA and genealogy from like-minded people, you may be interested in joining an e-mail list with individuals who share their knowledge on the subject and discuss ideas.  To subscribe, click on the word 'subscribe' and put only the word 'subscribe' in the message subject and body:  Subscribe to GENEALOGY-DNA-L.



Another resource available to you is a Forum on Family Tree DNA's web site.  Here, you can post a DNA question and expect to receive a prompt answer.  The forum is located at http://www.familytreedna.com/forum.



DNA 101: Y-Chromosome Testing on Blair DNA Project web site
Family Tree DNA lots of useful information 
Genetics and Genealogy, an introductory article by Charles Kerchner, Jr.
The 7 Daughters of Eve on mitochondrial DNA  


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