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You are probably curious about the cost by now.  You can participate in this project by getting a 12-marker DNA test for $99.  This is a group rate.  You will be able to upgrade later to a 25-marker test for an additional $90.  If you get the 25-marker test initially, the price is $169, a $20 savings.  This is the recommended test.  An even more refined 37-marker test is available, and costs $229 if ordered initially.  Upgrades from the 12- and 25- marker tests to the 37-marker are also available.

Some Holland family researchers have indicated a willingness to help fund DNA testing of certain lines.  If you would like financial help with DNA testing, and if you see your Holland line listed here, contact the sponsor listed.  If you would like to be a sponsor, contact the Holland Family DNA Project administrator.   

Contributions available for From Comments
Bright Holland (b. ~ 1824 NC) male descendant Shelley Rutkin will pay for testing for descendant of this line

Family Tree DNA has established a General Fund to collect and disburse money donations to the Holland Family DNA Project, and will administered it for us.  Basically, you make a contribution through Family Tree DNA and they will put your money in a General Fund earmarked for Holland Family DNA testing.  The Group Administrator tells FTDNA to which kit we should apply funds.

The Holland Family DNA Project - Initiated November 2003

The address to join our Holland family DNA Project is

Diana Holland Faust, Project Administrator
Holland Surname DNA Project 


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