The questions the witness, Martha J. Holland is answering on this page are the following:

  1. What is your name, your age, your residence and how long has it been such, and your occupation?

  2. If you are not the claimant, in what manner, if any, are you related to the claimant or interested in the success of the claim?

The following questions will be put to claimants and witnesses who testify to the taking of property, omitting in the case of each claimant or witness any questions that are clearly unnecessary:

  1. Were you present when any of the property charged in this claim was taken?  Did you actually see any taken?  If so, specify what you saw taken.

  2. Was any of the property taken in the night time, or was any taken secretly, so that you did not know of it at the time?

  3. Was any complaint made to any officer of the taking of any of the property?  If so, give the name, rank and regiment of the officer, and state who made the complaint to him, what he said and did in consequence, and what was the result of the complaint.

  4. Were any vouchers or receipts asked for or given?  If given, where are the vouchers or receipts?  If lost, state fully how lost.  If asked and not given, by whom were they asked, who was asked to give them, and why were they refused or not given?  State very fully in regard to the failure to ask or obtain receipts. 

  5. Has any payment ever been made for any property charged in this claim?  Has any payment been made for any property taken at the same times as the property charged in this claim?  Has any payment been made for any property taken from the same claimant during the war, and if so, when, by whom, for what property and to what amount?  Has this property, or any part of it, been included in any claim heretofore presented to Congress, or any court, department or officer of the United States, or to any board of survey, military commission, State commission or officer, or any other authority?  If so, when and to what tribunal or officers was the claim presented; was it larger or smaller in amount than this claim, and how is the difference explained, and what was the decision, if any, of the tribunal to which it was presented?

The information was obtained from the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D. C.


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