The questions the claimant Exum Holland is answering on this page are the following:

  1. Had you any near relatives in the Confederate army, or in any military or naval service hostile to the United States?  If so, give names, ages on entering service, present residence, if living, what influence you exerted, if any, against their entering the service, and in what way you contributed to their outfit and support. 

  2. Have you been under the disabilities imposed by the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution?  Have your disabilities been removed by Congress?

  3. Have you been specially pardoned by the President for participation in the rebellion?

  4. Did you take any amnesty oath during the war, or after its close?  If so, when, where, and why did you take it

  5. Were you ever a prisoner to the United States authorities, or on parole, or under bonds to do nothing against the Union cause?  If so, state all the particulars.

  6. Were you ever arrested by the authorities of the United States during the war?  If so, when, where, by whom, on what grounds, and when and how did you obtain your release?

  7. Were any fines or assessments levied upon you by the authorities of the United States because of your supposed sympathy for the rebellion?  If so, state all the facts.

  8. Was any of your property taken into possession or sold by the United States under the laws relating to confiscation, or to captured and abandoned property?

The following questions will be put to all make claimants or beneficiaries who were not less than sixteen years of age when the war closed:

  1. After the Presidential election of 1860, if of age, did you vote for any candidates, or on any questions during the war, and how did you vote?  Did you vote for or against candidates favoring secession?  Did you vote for or against the ratification of the ordinance of secession, or for or against separation in your State?

  2. Did you belong to any vigilance committee, or committee of safety, homeguard, or any other form of organization or combination designed to suppress Union sentiment in your vicinity?

  3. Were you in the Confederate army, State militia, or any military or naval organization hostile to the United States?  If so, state when, where, in what organizations, how and why you entered, how long you remained each time, and when and how you left.  If you claim that you were conscripted, when and where was it, how did you receive notice, and from whom, and what was the precise manner in which the conscription was enforced against you?  If you were never in the rebel army or other hostile organization, explain how you escaped service.  If you furnished a substitute, when and why did you furnish one, and what is his name, and his present address, if living?

  4. Were you in any way connected with or employed in the Confederate quartermaster, commissary, ordnance, engineer, or medical department, or any other department, or employed on any railroad transporting troops or supplies for the Confederacy, or otherwise engaged in transportation of man and supplies for the Confederacy?  If so, state how employed, when, where, for how long, under whose direction, and why such employment was not giving "aid and comfort" to the rebellion.

  5. Did you at any time have charge of trains, teams, wagons, vessels, boats, or military supplies or property of any kind for the Confederate government?  If so, give all the facts as in previous questions.

  6. Were you employed in saltpetre [sic] works, in tanning or milling for the Confederate government, or making clothing, boots, shoes, saddled, harness, arms, ammunition, accoutrements, or any other kind of munitions of war for the Confederacy?  If so, give all the particulars of time, place and nature of service or supplies.

  7. Were you ever engaged in holding in custody, directly or indirectly, any persons taken by the rebel government as prisoners of war, or any persons imprisoned or confined by the Confederate government, or the authorities of any rebel State, for political causes?  If so, when, where, under what circumstances, in what capacity were you engaged, and what was the name and rank of your principal?

  8. Were you ever in the Union army or navy, or in any service connected therewith?  If so, when, where, in what capacity, under whose command or authority, for what period of time, and when and how did you leave service?  Produce your discharge papers, so that their contents may be noted herein.


The information was obtained from the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D. C.

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