The questions the claimant Exum Holland is answering on this page are the following:

  1. Were you ever arrested by any Confederate officer, soldier, sailor, or other person professing to act for the Confederate government, or for any State in rebellion?  If so, when where, by whom, for what cause; how long were you kept under arrest; how did you obtain your release; did you take any oath or give any bond to effect your release; and if so, what was the nature of the oath or the bond?

  2. Was any of your property taken by Confederate officers or soldiers, or any rebel authority?  If so, what property, when, where, by whom, were you ever paid therefor [sic], and did you ever present an account therefor [sic] to the Confederate government, or any rebel officer?

  3. Was any of your property ever confiscated by rebel authority, on the ground that you were an enemy to the rebel cause?  If so, give all the particulars, and state if the property was subsequently released or compensation made therefor [sic].

  4. Did you ever do anything for the Confederate cause, or render any aid or comfort to the rebellion?  If so, give the times, places, persons, and other particulars connected with each transaction. 

  5. What force, compulsion, or influence, was used to made you do anything against the Union cause?  If any, give all the particulars demanded in the last question.

  6. Were you in any service, business, or employment, for the Confederacy, or for any rebel authority?  If so, give the same particulars as before required.

  7. Were you in the civil, military, or naval service of the confederacy, or any rebel State in any capacity whatsoever?  If so, state fully in respect to each occasion and service.

  8. Did you ever take any oath to the so-called Confederate States while in any rebel service or employment? 

  9. Did you ever have charge of any stores, or other property, for the Confederacy; or did you ever sell or furnish any supplies to the so-called Confederate States, or any State in rebellion; or did you have any share or interest in contracts or manufactures in aid of the rebellion?

  10. Were you engaged in blockade running, or running through the lines, or interested in the risks or profits of such ventures?

  11. Were you in any way interested in any vessel navigating the waters of the Confederacy, or entering or leaving any Confederate port?  If so, what vessel, when and where employed, in what business, and had any rebel authority any direct or indirect interest in vessel or cargo?

  12. Did you ever subscribe to any loan of the so-called Confederate States, or of any rebel State; or own Confederate bonds or securities, or the bonds or securities of any rebel State issued between 1861 and 1805?  Did you sell, or agree to sell, cotton or produce to the Confederate Government, or to any rebel State, or to any rebel officer or agent, and if so, did you receive or agree to receive Confederate or State bonds or securities in payment; and if so, to what amount, and for what kind and amount of property?

  13. Did you contribute to the raising, equipment or support of troops, or the building of gunboats in aid of the rebellion; or to military hospitals or invalids, or to relief funds or subscriptions for the families of persons serving against the United States?

  14. Did you ever give information to any person in aid of military or naval operations against the United States?

  15. Were you at any time a member of any society or organization for equipping volunteers or conscripts, or for aiding the rebellion in any other manner?

  16. Did you ever take an oath of allegiance to the so-called Confederate States?  If so, state how often, when, where, for what purpose, and the nature of the oath or affirmation.

  17. Did you ever receive a pass from rebel authority?  If so, state when, where, for what purpose, on what conditions, and how the pass was used.

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The information was obtained from the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D. C.

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