PATRICK ALAN HOLLAND joined the United States Army 18 April 2001.  He did basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  He broke his ankle while there and so remained there for almost six months.  He left Fort Knox in October 2001 and went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where he attended Field Artillery Radar Operator school.  He thinks this career path may be an inadvertent family tradition as he has seen several Hollands in Field Artillery (FA).

From Fort Sill, he transferred to Fort Lewis, Washington, arriving there on 4 January 2002.  Since arriving there, he has spent two years doing numerous field exercises.  One of these was back-to-back field exercises to Fort Irwin, California, and Fort Polk, Louisiana, within two weeks of each other.  His was the first unit in the history of the U. S. Army to ever do this. 

In November 2003, PFC Holland left for Iraq in support of OIF.  He was in the first Stryker Brigade to ever be in a war environment.  What took place during that period is classified, although he can relate that not one life was lost during the entire year.  Alan returned from Iraq in November 2004, just 25 days short of a full year. 

Since returning, Alan has continued doing field problems and training but he will not be returning to combat as he has incurred a blown out knee.  He is still stationed at Fort Lewis Washington, assigned to Headquarters and Service Battery (HSB) 1st of the 37th FA.125 

Alan Holland's family line: 
Elisha Holland - Exum Holland - Patrick Dowd Holland - Patrick Herman Holland - James Franklin Holland - Patrick Herman Holland II - Patrick Alan Holland


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