Holland Family History in America

This collection of Holland deaths is to help you with your family research.  These are not necessarily Jimmie Holland Family deaths, although some are.  The data has been pulled from various sources and has not been verified by me.  If you know of Holland deaths, please help others, as others have helped you -- by contributing your data.  Growing the base of knowledge and sharing it freely, helps us all.  If you can help somebody make that connection, they may then have connections that will help you.

Death: Date: Age:   Place: Submitted by:
Anne B. Holland [Earp}
John Samuel Holland, Jr.
Joyce Ethel Holland
James Isaac Martin
Richard Lee Holland
Richard Turner Holland
William J. Holland
May 31, 1929
April 9, 1925
June 25,  2006
Dec. 15, 2009
Sept. 1, 1991
Jan. 9, 2006
  Johnston County, NC
Wilson County, NC

Wilson County, NC
Vickie Holland
Sharon Bradshaw
Alton Parnell
Richard Holland, Jr.
Alton Parnell

If you know of a Holland death, whether in this family or not, would you please contribute it, so I can add it to the base of Holland knowledge.  Hollands helping Hollands ... it's the Holland family way.


Please share your Holland family data.
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About this History

My father's people came from Wayne County, North Carolina.  Although I live in Alabama now, I inherited his love of our heritage.  So it is with love for him and admiration for his strong desire to preserve our history that I dedicate my part in compiling and maintaining this Holland Family History and Tree to my father,

Louis Lea Holland
17 February 1917 -  8 January 1976

There are errors in this work; some dates could not logically work.  If you see a mistake or can add to the information here, please contact me.  The information is from family historians Nellie Holland Russell and Mary Ketus Deen Holland, information of which I have personal knowledge or have gathered from family members, and contributions sent to me through this web site.  Though imperfect, it is a good start.  Enjoy and please let me know if you have questions or corrections.  This work will be updated on a regular basis so check the revision date below to see when additions or changes were last made.

Holland Family History in America - Holland Marriages
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