The Elisha Holland Cemetery 
Located on North Carolina Highway 581 just north of Pinkney in Wayne County, North Carolina. (Referred to as cemetery number 242 in the Wayne County Historical Association book Gravestone Inscriptions.)

Pictures of The Elisha Holland Cemetery and Elisha's wooden grave marker are located in the Album section of this web site.

J. Walter, son of C.C. and Sarah Holland, 12-25-1883, d. 2-17-1901 
This is Joseph Walter Holland, 5th child of Calvin C. Holland and Sarah Jane Ballenberger.

Louis G., son of C.C. and Sarah Holland, 9-2-1877, d. 11-26-1897 
This is Louis G. Holland, 2nd child of Calvin C. Holland and Sarah Jane Ballenberger.

C. C. Holland, 3-7-1848, d. 9-20-1899 
This is Calvin C. Holland, 8th child of Exum Holland and his 1st wife Penniah Boswell.

Needham Holland, died 1-29-1902, age 73 years 
This is Elisha Holland's 17th and last child, by his 2nd wife Patience Peacock.

Arthur Copeland, 1803, d. 1865 
There is confusion as to whose grave this is.  Arthur Copeland was married to Ginsey Holland, not Ave (called Nancy).  So it is likely this grave is Major Copeland's.

Wife, Nancy Copeland, 1809, d. 1886 
This is Ave (called Nancy) Holland, 10th child of Elisha Holland with his 2nd wife Patience Peacock, wife of Major Copeland.

C. W. Holland, 1840, d. 1908 
This is may be George W. Holland, first son of Green Holland and his wife Elizabeth Barnes, with the dates mis-read.  George W. Holland was born in 1853 and died in 1902.

J. B. Holland, b. 1853, d. 1882
This is Joseph Brown Holland, second son of Green Holland and his wife Elizabeth Barnes.

C.R. Holland, b. 1822, d. 1886

Elisha Holland, b. 1838, d. 1884 
This is probably Exum Holland's 4th child with his 1st wife Penniah Boswell, Elisha G. Holland.

Infants (3)

Peacock infant, 1804.

Several wooden markers.

E.G. Holland, 10-7-1838, d. 3-14-1881

Kenneth R. Holland, 1858, d. 1923 
This is Green Holland's 3rd child, Kenneth Raynor Holland.  

Zilphia Holland, 1-14-1871, d. 11-25-1930 
This is the 9th child of Green H. Holland and his wife Elizabeth Barnes.

Diana Holland, 1866, d. 1936 
This is Green Holland's 7th child. 

Frank M. Holland, 1863, d. 1928 
This is Green Holland's 6th child.

Amanda, wife of Larry Waddell, 1838, d. 1914 
"Death is the crown of life." 
Amanda was Jinnett Holland's daughter.  She was first married to Rural Anderson Holland, son of Woodard D. Holland.  After Rural died she married Larry Waddell.

Annie, wife of Ira Edgerton, 8-8-1891, d. 3-25-1919
Anna Dixon, daughter of William J. Dixon and Sally Holland.  Sally Holland is the 8th child of Green Holland.

Joseph Holland, 1855, d. 1928

Infant of W. J. and Sallie Dixon, 12-23-1904.
Parents are William J. Dixon and Sally Holland, daughter of Green Holland.

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