Exum Holland's branch

Born ca. 1811 - Died 10 October 1880

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This page is about the Ballenberger/Berger family of Wayne County, North Carolina.  Their daughter Jane married Calvin Holland, son of Exum.  

This page is a sub-section of Exum Holland and his 1st wife Penny Boswell.  It shows the in-laws of their 8th child, Calvin C. Holland.  Put another way, it is Calvin Holland's wife, Sarah Jane Ballenberger's, family.   

Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Watkins Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Peacock: 
1.  Enos Holland
2.  Eli Holland
3.  Woodard D. Holland
4.  Betsy Holland
5.  Bryant Holland
6.  Curtis Holland
7.  Absalom Holland
8.  Elisha Holland
9.  Warren Holland
10.  Ave (Nancy) Holland
11.  Exum Holland (grandparent page) 
12.  Jinnett Holland
13.  Ginsey Holland
14.  West Holland
15.  Green Holland
16.  Candace Holland
17.  Needham Gray Holland


Exum Holland's children by Penniah Boswell: Calvin Holland's children by Sarah Jane Ballenberger: 
1. Gaston Holland 
2. Jency Holland
3. Jinnett Caswell Holland
4. Elisha Holland
5. West Pratt Holland 
6.  Jane Holland
7.  Addison Pearson Holland
8.  Calvin C. Holland (parent page) 
1.  Josephine Holland
2.  Louis G. Holland
3.  West Pratt Holland
4.  Minnie Lee Holland
5.  Joseph Walter Holland
6.  Lou Ella Holland
7.  David Holland
8.  Infant male
9.  Tobe Holland
10. Edwin Holland

8. Calvin (called Cab) C. Holland was born 7 March 1848 in Wayne County, North Carolina.  He died 20 March 1899 at age 51, and was buried at Elisha Holland Cemetery near Pinkney, Wayne County, North Carolina. He married 1st Sarah Jane Ballenberger (name changed to Berger) on 29 January 1874.  She was born 1 November 1855.  They had ten children together.  Sarah Jane died 10 November 1896 at the age of 41.  She was buried in the Elisha Holland Cemetery. 

After her death, Calvin married 2nd Mary (Molly) Johnston (or Johnson) Mitchell who was born in 1836. They did not have children together.  Because of their ages, I am guessing that Molly was a widow, having been born a Johnston and marrying a Mitchell.  If the date of her birth is correct, that is, 1836, then she would have been 61 years old if she and Calvin married the year following Sarah Jane's death in 1896. If anybody can shed more information on Mary Johnston 

Jane Berger was born Sarah Jane Ballenberger.  She was the 2nd child of Joseph Ballenberger, born in 1826 in  Frankfurt, Germany, and Martha Langston (called Patsy) of Wayne County, North Carolina.  Patsy Langston was born about 1820.  Joseph Ballenberger served in the War Between the States and operated a store in Goldsboro.


The Joseph Ballenberger Family

Joseph Ballenberger is buried in Willowdale Cemetery (City of Goldsboro Cemetery) in the Jewish section (extreme northeast section).  The grave is marked Joseph Ballenberger 1826-1893.  Also there, is his son's grave, marked Lewis 1856-1877.  

Joseph married Martha Langston about 1852 in Wayne County, North Carolina.  Martha Langston was born in 1818 in Wayne County.  

Children of Joseph Ballenberger and Patsy Langston:

1.  Elizabeth  was born 21 June 1853.  She married George Garris of Wayne County.  Lizzie Ballenberger Garris died 20 March 1926. She is buried in Pike Cemetery in Wayne County, North Carolina, on the Pikeville-Princeton Road about 3 miles west of Pikeville.
Child of Elizabeth Ballenberger and George Garris:

    1.  George S. Garris was born 3 February 1882.  He died 4 November 1942.

2.  Sarah Jane Ballenberger was born 1 November 1855.  She married Calvin Holland 29 January  1874.  Their family is in the Calvin Holland section. 41

3.  Lewis Ballenberger was born in 1856 and died in 1877.    He is buried in Willowdale Cemetery in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  

4.  David M. Ballenberger was born about 1863.  He is listed on the 1880 Census as being 17 years old and attending school.  He married 1st Betty Levi of Germany.  She died in 1898 at Conway, South Carolina.   David married second, Rebecca Durant and third, a Ms. Altman.  David Ballenberger died in 1959.
Children of David M. Ballenberger and Betty Levi:

    1.  Henry Ballenberger was born in 1884.  He married Annie Harrelson of Georgetown County, South Carolina. Henry Ballenberger died 18 March 1957.  He is buried in Hamlet, Richmond County, North Carolina.
    Children of Henry Ballenberger:

      1.  Herman Edward Ballenberger was born May 1907. He married Dorothy McCall of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Children of Herman Edward Ballenberger and Dorothy McCall:

        1.Herman Edward Ballenberger Jr.

        2. Donna Ballenberger

      2.  Evelyn Ballenberger was born in 1913 and died in 1995.60

    2.  Louis Ballenberger was born 28 August 1886.  He married Marjorie Rogers of Mullins, South Carolina.  They lived in Hamlet, North Carolina.  Louis died at age 79 on 10 September 1965.  He is buried in Hamlet, Richmond County, North Carolina.

      1.  Louis Porter Ballenberger was born 8 July 1916.  He married 1st Thelma Taylor.  He married 2nd Norma Brown. 
      Children of Louis Porter Ballenberger and Thelma Taylor:

        1.  Thelma Sue Ballenberger was born 9 May 1947 in West Virginia.

        2.  Louis Porter Ballenberger, Jr. was born 18 October 1948.

      Children of Louis Porter Ballenberger and Norma Brown:

        1.  Lisa Ballenberger was born in 1965 in Pensacola, Florida.

        2.  Robert Ballenberger was born in 1966 in Pensacola, Florida, and lives in Gulf Breeze, Santa Rosa County, Florida.

        3.  Leigh Ann Ballenberger was born in 1968 in San Diego, California, and lives in Gulf Breeze, Santa Rosa County, Florida.

      2.   Sarah Belle Ballenberger was born 25 September 1921. She worked at the Coka Cola plant in Hamlet, North Carolina, for many years.  She married C. B. Holmes 7 May 1949.
      Child of Sarah Belle Ballenberger and C. B. Holmes:

        Sarah Elizabeth ("Libby") was born 18 August 1950.  

      3.  Hannah Ballenberger was born 8 January 1888 in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  She married Henry Dunham Herring.  Hannah died 22 January 1962 in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. 60 
      Children of Hannah Ballenberger and Henry Herring:

        1.  Henry Dunham Herring, Jr. was born 23 August 1915.  He married Annie Myrtle Langston.  Henry died 1 January 1957.  Annie Myrtle Langston Herring died 24 November 1995.
        Children of Henry Dunham Herring, Jr. and Annie Myrtle Langston:

          1.  Henry Dunham Herring, III was born about 26 April 1941. He married Loretta Thornley.  She died about 1982.  Henry Herring married, second, Ingrid Wagner in June 1997.  Ingrid was born 3 June 1949. 
          Child of Henry Dunham Herring III and Loretta Thornley:

             1.  Lois-Anne Carter Herring was born 17 March 1963.  She married Michael Tracy Snodgrass in 1982.  Lois-Ann died 4 March 1995.
            Child of Lois-Anne Herring and Michael Snodgrass:

              1.  Michael Tracy Snodgrass, Jr., was born in 22 March 1983.
              Child of Michael Tracy Snodgrass, Jr.:

                1.  Michael Tracy Snodgrass, III was born 16 July 2002.

          2.  Julian Nathan Herring was born 12 August 1943.  He married 1st Anne Willis.   They divorced in 1985.  Anne Willis married 2nd a Hudson.  Julian Herring married 2nd Margaret Dean in August 1996.  She was born 21 December 1936. 87 
          Children of Julian Nathan Herring and Anne Willis:

            1.  Jennifer Langston Herring was born 17 September 1964 in Columbia, South Carolina. She attended Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina, after graduating from high school.  In 1994 she graduated from Southern Wesleyan University in Central, South Carolina. Jennifer married 1st Steven W. Coker. They divorced in 1992.  Jennifer married 2nd Patrick W. Arrington.   
            Children of Jennifer Langston Herring and Steven W. Coker:

              1.  Robert Willis Coker was born 28 April 1984.

              2.  Kristin Rae Coker was born 20 June 1988.

            2.  Julian Nathan Herring, Jr. was born 8 June 1967.  He married Stephanie Overturf in 1986.  She was born 6 October 1966. 

        2.  Virginia Lou Herring was born 25 June 1919 in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.  On 27 June 1947 she married John Christoph vonLehe in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.  John was born 19 June 1920 and died 2 November 1986.  
        Children of Virginia Lou Herring and John vonLehe:

          1.  Virginia Christobel vonLehe was born 18 September 1947 in Charleston County, South Carolina.  On 13 August 1971 she married John McKay Burns in Colleton County, South Carolina.  
          Children of Virginia vonLehe and John Burns:

            1.  Johnathan Frederick Burns was born 25 February 1973 in Bibb County, Georgia.

            2.  Michael Nicholas Burns was born 1 June 1974 in Bibb County, Georgia.

            3.  Gwendolyn vonLehe Burns was born 11 August in Calhoun County, Alabama.

          2.  Virginia Ann vonLehe was born 26 December 1954 in Charleston County, South Carolina.  On 12 August 1978 she married James Donald Dresher in Colleton County, South Carolina.  After divorcing, Virginia married 2nd, Robert Albenesius; 3rd, Robert Utsey; 4th, David Cobb.  
          Children of Virginia Ann Von Lehe and James Dresher:

            1.  Margaret Lynn Dresher was born 28 Apr 1982 in Jefferson County, Alabama.

            2.  Ann Meredith Dresher was born 23 September 1985 in Orlando, Orange County, Florida. 

          3.  Victoria Herring vonLehe was born 21 June 1960 in Colleton County, South Carolina.  On 5 December 1987 she married Peter Limpert Ruegner in Colleton County, South Carolina. Peter was born 5 December 1961 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They divorced.  Vicky married second Leroy Lyle Mundell on 9 August 1997 in Colleton County, South Carolina.65  
          Children of Victoria vonLehe and Peter Ruegner:

            1.  Peter vonLehe Ruegner was born 23 February 1990 in Albany, New York.

            2.  Hannah Ruegner was born 30 November 1991 in Charleston County, South Carolina.  

          Children of Leroy Lyle Mundell, adopted by Victoria von Lehe:

            1.  Caleb Andrew Mundell was born 9 September 1982 in Charleston County, South Carolina.  

            2.  Josh McIver Mundell was born 5 January 1984 in Charleston County, South Carolina

        3.  Nathan Clark Herring was born 11 November 1923.  He married Rosie Dean Anderson.  Rosie was born 30 December 1927.
        Children of Nathan Clark Herring and Rosie Dean Anderson:

          1.  Nathan Clark Herring, Jr. was born 25 January 1953.  He married Marsha Collins.
          Children of Nathan Clark Herring and Marsha Clark:

            1.  Elizabeth Ann Herring was born 11 March 1983. 

            2.  Nathan Clark Herring III was born 12 May 1985.  

          2.  Joseph Henry Herring was born 8 November 1954.  He married Tammy Rife.
          Children of Joseph Henry Herring and Tammy Rife:

            1.  Brianna Rife Herring was born 5 April 1984.  

          3.  Rossie Dean Herring was born 6 September 1958.  She married Michael Bowen.
          Children of Rossie Dean Herring and Michael Bowen:

            1.  Virginia Bowen was born 4 May 1990.

            2.  Matthew Dean Bowen was born 27 May 1993.  

          4.  Phyllis Louise Herring was born 29 December 1961.  She married Joseph Oots.
          Children of Phyllis Herring and Joseph Oots:

            1.  Megan Oots was born 17 Feb 1990.

            2.  Joseph Taylor Oots was born 17 March 1992.

      4.  Bertha (Bella) Ballenberger was born June1890 (1889 per Chris Burns) and died in 1952.   She never married.

      5.  Sarah who was born December 1892.  She did not marry.

      6.  Joe Ballenberger was born in (May?) 1895 and married Edith Shultz 11 June 1932.  He died in 1968.

    Children of David M. Ballenberger and his 2nd wife Rebecca Durant:

      7.  Betty was a daughter of Rebecca Durant by a previous marriage.  She married James Clark.  She died in 1947 and James died 10 September 1969.  They had a son James Clark.

    5.  Nathan Ballenberger was born 25 September 1866.  He married Georgia Tolar of Goldsboro, Wayne County, North Carolina; they did not have children.  He died 13 January 1936.  His tombstone in Willowdale Cemetery, Goldsboro, North Carolina, says, "Nathan Ballenberger" although he changed his name to Nathan B. Berger.  It has a Masonic emblem etched on it.  His grave is not in the Jewish section with his father or his brother Louis.  

    The pictures below are of his house in Pikeville, North Carolina.  Nathan B. Berger (as his death certificate has his name) was the President of the Bank of Pikeville.  His death certificate lists his father as Joe B. Berger, his mother as Rosie Berger.  

    After Nathan's death, Georgia Tolar married Andrew J. Garris.   Georgia was born 10 July 1880,  the daughter of Zilpha Tolar;  her father is listed as unknown.  She died 17 December 1965 at Forest Hills Nursing Home (later called Guardian Care).   She is buried next to Nathan at Willowdale Cemetery.  Next to her Andrew Garris is buried.  Andrew was born 28 March 1866 and died 4 January 1955.41

These are pictures of Nathan Ballenberger's house in Pikeville, NC, taken in April 2000 by Alton Parnell.  After Georgia Tolar Ballenberger died, Pikeville Chief of Police Ira Dail bought the house.  

Exum Holland's children by Penniah Boswell: Exum Holland's children by Martha Parks:  Calvin Holland and Sarah Jane Ballenberger's children (this page):
1. Gaston Holland 
2. Jency Holland
3. Jinnett Caswell Holland
4. Elisha Holland
5. West Pratt Holland 
6.  Jane Holland
7.  Addison Pearson Holland
8.  Calvin C. Holland (this page) 
9.  Patrick Holland
10.  Sarah Jane Holland
11.  Annie B. Holland
12.  Catherine [Isibell F.] Holland
13.  Martha M. Holland
1.  Josephine Holland
2.  Louis G. Holland
3.  West Pratt Holland
4.  Mamie Lee Holland
5.  Joseph Walter Holland
6.  Lou Ella Holland
7.  David Holland
8.  Infant son Holland
9. Tobe Holland
10. Edwin Holland

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