Jinnett Holland's Branch


Levi Roland Collier married Amanda Holland's great-granddaughter, Lillie Mae Pike - this is their family

ROW 1 from Justin Collier's point-of-view:
Bottom R with the glasses is my grandpa Emmette Ray Collier son of Levi.
To his L is my grandma Eleanor Grimes Collier. She is holding Aiden Daleosandro son of Tonya Collier.
Far R is Tonya Collier Daleosandro, my sister, holding her daughter Emilee Daleosandro. Tonya is in black.
To her L is a little boy in blue, that is Christian Collier son of Darrell Wayne Collier my brother
To his L in Red is Josh Ortery son of Tonya, he was from her 1st marriage.
To his L the little boy in brown coat is Wyatt Depaizzy my future step son.
Row 3
R is Amy Lumpkin Collier wife of Darrell Wayne Collier my brother. She is holding her daughter Madelen Collier.
To her L in blue is Andrew Collier son of Darrell Wayne Collier.
To his L is Dylan Collier also in blue, son of Darrell Wayne Collier.
L of him is me holding my son Cayden Wayne Collier.
My L is Bryan Ortery. son of Tonya in her 1st marriage.
His L is Jennifer Collier my fathers 3rd wife. Sad story, My mom and dad divorced, he remarried and wife 2 died of cancer, now he is married to Jennifer.
R is Anthony Daleosandro my sister's 2nd husband.
To his L is my brother Darrell Wayne Collier.
To his L is my aunt Cheryl Collier Ange.
To her L is her husband Scott Ange in the brown coat.
To his L is the tall 1, my 1st cousin Taylor Ange son of Cheryl.
And I forgot the little girl beside Jennifer is my little half sister Kayle Collier


Darrell Wayne Collier

Tonya Collier

Carey Karavias and Justin Collier

Elisha Holland's 12th child was Jinnett Holland, born August 31, 1813, in Wayne County, North Carolina. 
Jinnett Holland's daughter Amanda Holland, born June 5, 1838, married Larry Waddell after her first husband Rural Holland died.  Their second child was James Henry Waddell, born in 1861.
James Henry Waddell married Catherine Barnes, daughter of Bennett G. Barnes and Zilpha Peacock.  Their daughter Peoria Waddell, married Nathan Pike.
Peoria Waddell and Nathan Pike had a daughter, Lillie Mae Pike, born October 5, 1913, in Wayne County. 
Lillie Mae Pike married Levi Roland Collier, born January 26, 1911. 

The line:  Elisha Holland - Jinnett Holland - Amanda Holland - James Henry Waddell - Peoria Waddell - Lillie Mae Pike

These pictures were provided by Justin Collier, 5th great-grandson of Jinnett Holland, in September 2010.

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