Holland Gravestones found in Johnston County, North Carolina

I received these pictures from an individual who stumbled across the abandoned gravesites in September 2010.  His comments about them are below.




Received from Tim Turner [Timturner204@aol.com]  on September 18, 2010.  He wrote:

Not certain if these are related to you, but I stumbled across this gravesite way back in the woods in Johnston County at the Landfill site (off of Hwy 210, County Home Rd.).

I am attaching pictures of the graves located there --  looks to be 2 families in the same graveyard (Allen and Holland). All are female or children. Hope this helps any Research you have or gives you some missing info.

The Site is basically back in the middle of the woods, no one lived in the area for who knows how long. The graveyard is just long forgotten, I think. The odd thing I did notice is that there is only adult female and children there. If you want I can send more pictures of these. There are a few children that range from 1 month to 6 months old which I figured there was probably no record of.

The site is located actually on the county landfill, and I know the superintendent of the site gets his guys to keep the area clean as he can. I know they have done no damage to the site and if anything have tried to maintain it. I believe any damage that occurred happened many many many years ago.

I just saw these, did some checking to see if anyone was looking for info, and happened across your site. To me, just looking at these gives me a sense of how hard life must have been back in those times. And it did raise the question of what happened to the males.

I was told by some friends out there that there are a few more sites out there and as I can i am gonna go searching and see who else may be in the area.

Received from site visitor  January 7, 2011: 

I think the graves that are in Johnston County with the Allen and Holland children and females, are Caroline who married Alfred Holland in Johnston Co. On 5 Mar. 1886. The book I got this from has Caroline Avera.  There is also a Daniel Holland who married Sarah Avera 11 May, 1843.  From the picture it looks like it says wife of first part covered then r-e-d on the end.  I don't have Alfred or Daniel connected to our Hollands and have nothing on them.

Comment from Diana Holland Faust January 28, 2011:

There is a Alfred Holland who married Caroline Avera on 6 March 1856.  He was the son of Bennett Holland, who was son of David Henry Holland, son of Richard Holland of Nansemond County, Virginia.  They are not  connected to this Jimmie Holland family in this country. 

If you see anything here you can offer information about, please contact the person involved or the North Carolina authorities.   The North Carolina statutes on cemeteries were revised in July 2007, repealing Paragraph 63, sections 1-3.   I have no information about these graves.   Thank you.

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