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I stopped doing queries a long time ago because there are other sites that do it very well, it is time-consuming for me and I feel I can better use my time presenting information for everybody to search, and it is hard for me to keep current because people's email addresses change and they forget to tell me. 

However, from time to time I come across some situations that I take a special interest in and will post in the hopes that I can help these people find their Holland ancestors. 

If you see anything here you can offer information about, please contact the person involved, not me.  Thank you.



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Billy  Gray and Mariah Holland - on the black side of the family
Howdee, my name is Early Cobb and I am searching for whatever information you may have on Billy Gray - born 179? and died May 20, 1868 (the last digit on his his stone is missing). He was married to Mariah Holland, daughter and first born of Toby Holland. My thoughts are that he might possibly have been a well acquaintance of the family.

One of my questions is: Who were Billy Gray's parents?
And my second question is, was J. Ripley, his brother, older or younger?.
My third question is: How does Toby Holland make the conneaction with Spearman Holland; might it have been through one of Spearman's three sons? AND
My final question is when did Silas Gray com to Harmony Hill and where did they live previously?

My Grandfather Earnest was the second born to that union of Billy Gray and Mariah Holland, with the exception of that grave marker, Billy never existed. In desperation, I have turne to you for a helping hand, not a handout. I found you on the web, but there are no remarks about the BLACK side and Ms. Bonner is impossible to pin down long enough to retrieve any relevant information. It was then that I focused on you.

Once again, my name is Early Cobb II, my address is: 31 Burgess Court, Sausalito, CA 94965. My tele is 1 415 332-0321.

Thank you,  Early Cobb      hip3shop@aol.com     19 April 2012



Looking  for Holland family from Banks and Jasper County, Georgia
My name is William Allen Holland III.  I was born in Elizabethton, TN.  My father William A., Jr. was born in Jefferson, GA in 1923. I am not sure about his father William Sr. as he was killed in a saw mill accident in GA somewhere near Savannah or Augusta around 1935. My grandmother was Myrtle Glenn from Banks County, GA.  All of the Glenns and Hollands were from Banks and Jasper County, GA as I understand it. My father died when I was 9 years old so I know very little about the Holland family other than what little I have found from census. I also found a grave marker in the Magnolia cemetery in Charleston SC for a PVT P. A. Holland killed in action while serving with the CO D 18th SC INF CSA.  Died June 08 1862.

If our trees are connected please let me know as our family bible was lost in a house fire during the depression and my grandmother could not read nor write so there is no family record for me to trace. I have one Aunt but she is and has been in a nursing home for years and cannot speak. None of her children ever took any interest in the Holland history as I am the sole survivor to carry on the name.

William Allen Holland, Jr. Nov 11, 1923-Dec 07, 1961 Served in Germany during WWII
William Allen Holland, III April 02, 1952 - present   Served in Vietnam

Thank you,  Bill Holland     BHollandIII@aol.com     20 November 2009


Looking for descendents of the Jack Holland family  from Georgia
I am looking for my grandfather's family:  Jackson D. Holland.  His first wife, my mother, was Emma Johnston, born in 1912 in Cornelia, Georgia. They had a daughter named Finus Lee Holland who married William Claude Pierce.  Jackson D. Holland and Emma Johnston were divorced and my grandfather remarried and had a son named Jack Holland.  Jack would be my uncle and my mother's half-brother.  Uncle Jack Holland had 4 or 5 children by his second wife.  The oldest girl was named Parthannie but was called Pattie Holland.  She was a nurse and married a doctor with the last name of Chambers, Chamberson, or Charlmers.  This is all I can remember,  I think Patty's husband did his internship at Oconee Memorial Hospital in 1967,1968 or 1969.

If you have any information about this family, please contact Doyle Pierce. good_ole_doyle@yahoo.com   28 October 2009


Do you know the Hollands from Florence and north Alabama
My Grandfather was Arthur Holland. He was the Chief of Police in Florence in the early 40's. My Father was Warren G. Holland. He had 3 brothers George, Sid, Raymond and 2 sisters, Allie (Butler) and Lottie (Gyton). Arthur is buried in the Florence cemetery along with Warren G., & Raymond. Not sure where Sid is buried. He had lived in Florida for many years. All of Warren G.'s siblings are dead now and their children are scattered. Not sure if any of them still live in Florence.

Hope this will help. It is about all I know. I was out of touch with my father during my childhood and only got to know him in the 80's, not long before his death.                  Warren Holland  27 November 2007





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