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I, Diana Holland Faust, get almost as many inquiries about Hollands in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee who belong to a different Holland family from my own, as I do about my own Jimmie Holland family line.  Of course, those making the inquiries do not know which line they descend from -- that's why they inquire.  For that reason, and to help those who seek, I am publishing here all the information I have on that other major Holland family in the same region.  It is meticulously researched by Wiley Julian Holland and provided to this website for the purpose of disseminating actual, factual, researched genealogy, as opposed to making assumptions and guesses and propagating it online as truth.  

My Family from Virginia to North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee  by Wiley Julian Holland

The John Holland Family of Nansemond, A Burnt Virginia County

Michael Holland of Virginia

Wiley Thomas Holland Family of Georgia

Maryland Hollands

The Truth About Gabriel Holland of Virginia by Wiley Julian Holland

Gabriel, John and Richard Holland of Virginia

Wiley Julian Holland on Jasper Land Holland formerly known as Gabe Holland and also known as Jasper Holland

Wiley Julian Holland on Jeanette Holland Austin

Virginia Hollands by Wiley Julian Holland


DEDICATION   This section of Wiley Julian Holland's writings is dedicated to his wife Wini Southerland Holland who departed this life on August 28th, 1994, and to their descendants.  .


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