(daughter of Exum Holland)
1860 - 1939

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This page is a sub-section of Exum Holland and his 2nd wife Martha Parks.  It shows the descendants of their 1st child together, which is Exum's 9th child: Sarah Jane Holland and her husband James Pittman.  

Exum Holland's children by Penniah Boswell: Exum Holland's children by Martha Parks: 
1. Gaston Holland 
2. Jency Holland
3. Jinnett Caswell Holland
4. Elisha Holland
5. West Pratt Holland 
6. Jane Holland
7. Addison Pearson Holland
8. Calvin C. Holland 
9.  Patrick Holland
10.  Sarah Jane Holland (this page)
11.  Annie B. Holland
12.  Catherine [Isibell F.] Holland
13.  Martha M. Holland

10. Sarah Jane (Sally, called Sack) Holland was born in 1860. She died in 1939 and was buried in the Patrick Holland  Cemetery in Micro, Johnston County, North Carolina.  Sarah Jane married James Addison Pittman (Joel Jr.6, Elisha5, Jethro4, Joseph3, [Thomas Jr.2], Capt. Thomas1) on 10 August 1879 in Johnston County, North Carolina.  James was  born in 1858 in Johnston County and died in 1930 38   James is also buried in the Patrick Holland Cemetery near Kenly, Johnston County, North Carolina next to his wife Sarah Jane.  Pictures of their headstones are in the Album section of this web site.   The information on Sack Holland's descendents was furnished by Carol Pridgen Martoccia of Greenville, North Carolina, who relates, "My mother called her Aunt Sack even though she was her grandmother.  Mother said she was a wonderful woman...very kind and always wore a bonnet." 23
Children of Sarah Jane Holland and James Addison Pittman:

Exum Holland's children by Penniah Boswell:   Exum Holland's children by Martha Parks: 
1.  Gaston Holland 
2.  Jency Holland 
3.  Jinnett Caswell Holland 
4.  Elisha Holland 
5.  West Pratt Holland 
6.  Jane Holland 
7.  Addison Pearson Holland 
8.  Calvin C. Holland 
9.   Patrick Holland
10  Sarah Jane Holland (this page) 
11. Annie B. Holland 
12.  Catherine [Isibell F.] Holland 
13.  Martha M. Holland 

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Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Watkins Elisha Holland's children with wife Patience Peacock
1.  Enos Holland
2.  Eli Holland
3.  Woodard D. Holland
4.  Betsy-Jesse Holland
5.  Bryant Holland
6.  Curtis Holland
7.  Absalom Holland
8.  Elisha Holland
9.  Warren Holland
10.  Ave (Nancy) Holland
11.  Exum Holland
12.  Jinnett Holland
13.  Ginsey Holland
14.  West Holland
15.  Green Holland
16.  Candace Holland
17.  Needham Gray Holland

About this History

My father's people came from Wayne County, North Carolina.  Although I live in Alabama now, I inherited his love of our heritage.  So it is with love for him and admiration for his strong desire to preserve our history that I dedicate my part in compiling and maintaining this Holland Family History and Tree to my father,

Louis Lea Holland
17 February 1917 -  8 January 1976

There are errors in this work; some dates could not logically work.  If you see a mistake or can add to the information here, please contact me.  The information is from family historians Nellie Holland Russell and Mary Ketus Deen Holland, information of which I have personal knowledge or have gathered from family members, and contributions sent to me through this web site.  Though imperfect, it is a good start.  Enjoy and please let me know if you have questions or corrections.  This work will be updated on a regular basis so check the revision date below to see when additions or changes were last made.

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Holland Family History in America - Exum's branch
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