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In honor and remembrance of  Mr. D. Frank Hinnant, Jr. who cared for the Elisha Holland Cemetery for many years. 
19 September 1920 - 10 December 2010
The Collier Family, in honor of  their Holland ancestor, Amanda Holland, is continuing the tradition of  Mr. D. Frank Hinnant, Jr. in caring for the Elisha Holland Cemetery in Pinkney, Wayne County, North Carolina. 

A community art project by Stephanie Holland in Jesse's branch
 is featured in the Stories section

Holland Family History and Tree
This Holland Family database contains
11,861 people
4,050 marriages
14 generations
2,178 surnames
662 pages

There are 125,987 people in the U. S. with the last name Holland.  Statistically, it is the 249th most popular last name.



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